The Best Things Ever: 2015 Product Review

So, let’s not kid ourselves, I’m no consumer reports! This year I tried to methodically decide on one kind of yogurt that I loved and I gave up halfway through the taste-testing process. (Yogurt, though. That’s a journey that’s not for the faint of heart. When did we become a country of yogurt tastemakers, anyway?)

However, when I find something I love it’s hard for me not to share it with everyone. It’s the marketer in me. And also the magic in me.

Without futher ado, there are three things I bought this year that changed my life:

The hand-chopper. My friends Danielle and Katie mentioned this to me one time in passing with a glowing recommendation, but I guess I never thought about it much after that. When Amazon had this little guy on a lightening deal, I decided to give it a try. Why? Because, guys, I hate chopping onions. WITH A PASSION. I cry enough, I do not need a food substance provoking me to do any more of it than necessary.

chopperHere’s the thing, though, there are a LOT of recipes that call for onion. It’s the world in which we live. Previously, I thought I had dealt with the onion quite handily when I purchased one of those Pampered Chef knock-off choppers. These are the ones that have a small circular base with blades that come down when you push the top. The idea is that you put the food that needs chopping underneath the circular base and then chop away without need of a knife.

I could not be more vehement in my opinion that this item is crap. First of all, there’s not enough room to do more than a quarter of an onion at a time. Secondly, my cutting boards are now scarred for life. Thirdly, you keep having to check if they are chopped enough and the crying happens anyway. No bueno.

chopper2.jpegThis little chopper, though, is the bees knees. I just stick the 4 sections of onion in the plastic container, pull on the handle a few times, and VOILA! Perfectly chopped onions, but in a sealed container so NO CRYING (in baseball or cooking). I’m definitely a fan. And at the low, low price of $15.72 on Amazon I feel confident this product could change your life, too.

Croc flats. As far as footwear goes, I wear a lot of flats. They are the cutest shoes ever and I love not having to wobble around in heels all the time…it does wonders for my reputation. But I’ve been getting older and I noticed that my feet/hips/legs are not as up for these shoes with no support on a daily basis. They began to complain a lot and I could not ignore them anymore.  Something had to be done.

crocsThat said, I was not really excited about the idea of wearing crocs on a regular basis. You know, the ones with the little holes on top? Not my favorite look. But my friend Holly mentioned that Croc flats were the best things for her when she had to stand for events and conferences for her job. And I had never seen Croc flats before, but when I ran across them and tried them on I was completely sold. Or rather, they were. Because I bought them.

I wear them as often as I can because not only are they extraordinarily lightweight and comfortable, but also waterproof. And in the summer rainy season and the winter snow season, that’s a nice thing to have in a shoe. They are the perfect traveling shoe (different than the traveling pants) and if you’re going to be walking or standing around a lot, I highly recommend them.

(If you’re judging me right now and thinking “those Crocs might be better than the hole-riddled ones, but they are still not fashionable”, please don’t tell me. I’m hanging by a thread here.)

chaiconcentrateTazo chai concentrate. I think the record is clear about my love for Starbucks chai tea lattes. And if it’s not, let me set the record straight: I heart them. But my beloved Starbucks raised their prices again and again and now for a grande/medium size of the drink I love, I must pay over $4.50. That’s a pretty penny. I started to wonder, since I know what brand of chai concentrate they use, couldn’t I just make it myself? I am a DIY’er, after all.

So, I bought a bottle. And now I’ll never go back! Once a week on Sunday when I go to Starbucks, I ask for a venti ice water. Then I use that cup to make my chai in the mornings…it’s just equal parts milk and concentrate. And it makes me feel like I’ve gone to Starbucks, but for a fraction of the price. Another benefit of making my own chai beverage is that there is a decaf concentrate. For those days when you need a treat but can’t afford to be bouncing off the walls at 10 pm.

Any products you think I can’t live without? LMK!




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