So, you want to know about me? I guess some of you do because my blog stats say that this page is visited a lot. Sorry to disappoint until now. Truth be told, I didn’t really know how to get information on this page until a little link popped up today. I probably could have figured it out, but who has the time?? Ahem. But I digress…

What to say? Well, I’m a girl. That lives in Colorado. I started this blog when I moved here from California several years ago to keep in touch with friends and family and wound up finding out that it’s actually a pretty fantastic outlet for me to pour thoughts that swirl in my head day after day into written form. I’ve always been one of those people that figures things out by writing them out on paper, so I guess this e-version is not that different from a journal page fit for public consumption. 🙂

I currently work at a Christian publishing company after my illustrious career in life insurance ended.  I’m the oldest of three sisters and aunt to Karis, Kaelyn, and Kinsley, my middle sister Lindsay’s wee ones.  I talk with my parents frequently and love them to pieces. They are wise, amazing parents that taught me most everything I know. I live in a house with two other fabulous roommates and am a sucker for most reality TV.

I rarely cook, but I enjoy it when I have the time, especially when it’s for other people.  I am notorious for leaving my shoes in random places in the house and my mail untouched for days at a time.  My favorite book in the whole world is Atonement Child by Francine Rivers, but my newest favorite authors are Brene Brown and Vanessa Diffenbaugh.  My favorite three TV series are The West Wing, Gilmore Girls, and Friday Night Lights…what can I say? I’m drawn in by the wit and fast-talking action…and the football. I also love using texting acronyms and hashtags in every day speak and drinking cold beverages out of warm mugs.  I am a Starbucks groupie…I LOVE their advertising and marketing…and their no-water chai lattes. I also can’t get enough of Real Simple magazine, the only one I read from cover to cover on a regular basis. I suppose no grouping like this would be complete without mentioning my happy places – Target and Anthropologie. I avoid them as much as possible because it’s impossible for me to go in, grab ONE THING and get out. My bank account thanks me for my restraint.

In general, I’m a fairly cluttered person, though I’m trying to turn over a new leaf. I’m a packrat and it is also widely known that I am a hypochondriac, though I battle that all the time and am trying to work through my issues.

So, now you know a little ABOUT me.  But we all know that if you read my blog at all, you knew most of that anyway, right? BTW, thanks for checking my blog. It’s fun to get your comments and know that you all care about what I write!


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Gary says:

    okay kiddo, I tried calling and some ticked off teenager answered your old number, then I sent a message through facebook and when I went to see if you replied i noticed it never posted. AAAHHHHHH!!! So I am trying this, thank you so much for the books, they are a ton of fun. Two of them are theologically iffy at best, two are intreging for what they are and the Piper and Tomlin ones are way cool. You are the best.

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