Things that Make a Saturday Happy

1. Sleeping in. I love the feeling of waking up naturally and not with the aid of the most annoying sound in the entire world: an alarm clock.

2. Quality Time with my DVR. My weeks are generally pretty full, so kicking back and catching up “The Sing-Off” or “Hart of Dixie” keeps me from the startling reality of hitting 98% on my DVR. And the more startling realities that I can rid from my life, the better.

3. Lazy reading. I’ve got a stack of books a mile and half long, but banishing that from my mind and instead thumbing through the latest Real Simple or Anthropologie catalog makes me happy. Or, finishing a good book that is not (necessarily) work related.

4. Time to Cook or Bake. There are so many things in my life/job that comprise a never-ending set of things to do. The opportunity to be creative and cook something that doesn’t come out of a bag or a microwave? There’s something satisfying about that!

5. Shopping. I know it’s weird, but I LOVE to grocery shop. I especially like wandering up and down each row looking for inspiration or comparing this and that. Grocery shopping was the first thing I did out of college that made me feel like an adult. The freedom to buy Fruity Pebbles if I want them? AWE. SOME. Unfortunately, my week doesn’t always allow a leisurely pace down the aisles, but guess what? Saturday does!

6. Hanging out with friends. If that includes games, all the better! Movies, shopping, chatting, eating…it’s all infinitely more exciting with friends. And since most people have Saturdays off, it seems like a logical day, eh?

7. Rocking out to my music library. And also trolling for new music based on iTunes recommendations. Since my iPod only holds so much of my music, home is the only place where I can choose whatever I want to listen to. And if a new mix comes out of that time? Well, you won’t hear me complaining.

8. Crafting. Being that there’s scant weeks until Christmas, I’m woefully underprepared on supplies for this one. But there’s always next Saturday!

9. Catching up with friends and the fam. Time differences suck! But, this magical day makes it easy to talk with my peeps during the daytime hours with no time limit. Yay! Double yay!

10. Undertaking and finishing an organizing project. Sometimes it’s the tupperware cabinent (canNOT understand why it doesn’t stay organized, making this a more frequent job than I’d like), sometimes its a bookshelf. Sometimes it’s cleaning out my drawers. Still. I love a job well done and it always looks so pretty when its nice and neat!

Mostly, I mix and match each week for optimum fun and fabulousness.  And yes, sometimes I have to do the grown-up thing and not do any of these things on a weekend…but the fact that they are all waiting for me the next weekend? Priceless. 🙂


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