Honest Aim

Okay, I’m just going to level with you here. I’m in no mood to write a blog post. I spent half the day with a lingering headache and it totally made me cranky. Plus, my living space is cluttered with balls of yarn (what?! I’m crafty), dirty clothes, and sacks of of items I need to sort through so that’s gonna take some time.

So, instead of the coherent writings that you’re accustomed to, can I interest you in a funnyslashinspirational video? Trust me. I’m only thinking of you here…



One thought on “Honest Aim

  1. Lindsay says:

    Ok…this kid rocks! If I keep practicing, I’ll get the hang of it and I can do it. I gotta remember that one! (By the way, you kick butt with NaBloPoMo….and I eat dirt with NaNoWriMo. I need some of this kid’s gumption.)

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