Sunday, Sunday

Happy November 29th, dear blog readers!

On my fancy dancy blogging topic calendar (and we should use the term “calendar” loosely), I’ve mostly reserved Sundays for some deeper thoughts. You know, the kind that can’t be ripped from the headlines of Entertainment Weekly. Those kinds of thoughts. But tonight I just can’t quite make myself think too hard.

Today I cried a lot. Before you get concerned about me, you should know that I was operating on not a lot of sleep and a LOT of caffeine. Some tears were shed this morning at church – I’m profoundly grateful for my pastor’s heart to address local and global happenings from a Biblical perspective. Pastor Thomas today said something along the lines of “I remembered that refuge shouldn’t be in a place, it should be in a Person.” And after the shooting in Colorado Springs, that’s exactly the right place to guide our hearts and minds…back to truth. We heard from a former refugee that works with a local ministry helping new refugees transition into a new culture. And we spent a large amount of time in guided prayer for those in our city that are hurting. And none of that was on the docket until after the events of Friday. The Holy Spirit is really something, isn’t He?

And then there were some tears shed for not-as-noble of purposes…

I came home to research a few Christmas gift ideas and donned my festive fleece pants to snuggle up on the couch with my laptop. But when I opened my laptop, I had the gray (grey?) screen of death telling me I needed to take steps to restore my computer with a back-up.

And all of a sudden it came rushing back—my former computer crashed last summer and I wisely invested in a back-up hard drive. And there it not-so-wisely sat in its plastic packaging ever since it was purchased. By some small miracle, I restarted my computer and it rebooted correctly. I’ve never been so happy to see my background photo pop up.

In the relief aftermath of my panic, I dusted off and tore open my shiny new external hard drive and transferred over all my files for an hour or so. But why stop there? If you give a Haddock a project…

I felt compelled, then, to email myself photos from the many MANY text messages from my family with pictures and videos of the adorable nieces (see picture below as proof) so that I can free some much-needed space for my upcoming Christmas playlist on my phone. And that took me pretty much through the afternoon.


Which brings me to the not-so-noble tears and how I found myself catching up on DVR’d episodes of Ellen. I started them mainly to keep me company in the background, but darn that Ellen, she drew me in with cars given to families in need, Bieber week, and the general give-back spirit for which Oprah was also famous.

(Also, Justin Bieber has a voice like buttah. I may not agree with all his life choices, but the kid can sing. And I’m a teensy bit envious of his hair, too. I’m just saying.)

And that explains the several kleenex that was needed to get me through the afternoon and brought flashbacks of watching episodes of Parenthood.

I think I’ll be fine with a little sleep. But I’d be even finer if the world wasn’t such a broken place and if I wasn’t such a crazy person.



P.S. NaBloPoMo is coming to a close and every year I talk about how I’m going to blog more after it ends. This year I really want to….especially as it relates to bookish posts…but it will just depend.

If you’re interested in KIT (that’s Keeping In Touch in yearbook speak), even if sporadically (Clueless shout-out!), I added a “sign up to receive my blog as an email” button. Actually, I think it’s much more succinct, but you get the drift. I’ll post on the Facebooks as always, but you never know – the algorithm might have shifted to only prioritize posts from people with the same first letter in their name as your own. Facebook rules the world in that way. So, no pressure. But there’s an option for you if you want it!

See you all tomorrow. 🙂


One thought on “Sunday, Sunday

  1. Dad says:

    Thanks for the blog M!!

    Praying you’ll get lots of sleep and that the person of Refuge you mentioned will provide you with strength, wisdom, and the peace that only HE can give!!!

    All My Love,

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