Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah (said really fast)

Happy spring, people! I hope where you are it is lush and green. That little birds help you dress when you wake up. That when you call into the meadow, all manner of charming forest animals bring you daisy chains. That all you have to do is close your eyes and listen to the gurgling creek to feel at one with nature.

Meanwhile, in Colorado, we have snow in the forecast. So if you could bottle up some of that gurgling creek water and send it my way, that’d be super.

Guys, I’ve debated long and hard about bringing this topic up on my blog. There were sleepless nights and pro/con lists, I’m telling you. But the time has come when I can keep silent no longer. Please know that this in NO WAY diminishes my affection for Jimmy Fallon. This must be distinctly understood.

jimmy_kickoffmonologueThat said, I need to get some things off my chest. I do feel the need to give an extensive disclaimer at this juncture, so please just hear me out. I heart Jimmy Fallon. When my friend Ashley introduced me to the wonder that is J-Fall, my life changed for the better. There’s a handful of things that can make a sour day feel like pure joy and watching The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon is one of them.  I know in my heart that he can’t love every person, TV show, movie, product, and song at the same adoring level he professes, but I cannot seem to keep myself from believing it. That’s the power of Jimmy Fallon. I wish I had those same skills at work, believe you me! In fact, my fandom is such that when Ben and Jerry’s collaborated with James to produce The Tonight Dough ice cream, I had to track it down. (I’m not actually sure if that proves anything, though, because eating ice cream is no hardship…but I digress.)

Anyway, to sum up: LOVE IN MY HEART.

But…there are some things that I can’t reconcile when I watch his show. And I just need you to be with me on this or give me a reasonable explanation for why these things are happening to me. (Just to me. No one else.) My hope and prayer is that by putting these words out into the universe, I’ll be able to move past it. #fingerscrossed

freestylin-with-the-roots-jimmy-fallon-backyard-hangout-music-750x421Beef #1: There are too many musicians. Listen, I’m supes impressed with The Roots. The dudes have mad musical chops (different from pork chops, for those keeping track…) and are amazing. But I don’t understand the need for two and a half keyboardists. I feel like there are times when the tuba player, the french horn/saxaphone player, and the trumpet player could probably just take the night off. And do we really need more than one percussionist? That one I could possibly understand, but c’mon. In general, I just think The Roots are really luckily that the show does so well. Otherwise…ahem…cutbacks…ahem.

Beef #2: There is a keyboard on Jimmy’s desk that is NEVER USED as a keyboard. Why would it be when there is a perfectly functioning Macbook Pro with a keyboard sitting RIGHT IN FRONT OF IT? The only way I’ve ever seen this keyboard used is as a make-believe phone. Otherwise, the only time the keyboard is touched is when Jimmy movies it out of the way in ALMOST EVERY EPISODE. Likewise, the mouse. What is the purpose of this?

That’s it for now. As you can tell, these thoughts have been stirring for a while. Thanks for letting me vent a little. You guys are the best!



P.S. – The first 3 months of this year have been intense, nevertheless I feel I should confess that I’ve fallen off the cooking wagon. I’m one grocery store run from jumping back ON the wagon, but as of now if anyone has a carefrontation to lay on me, just call my assistant and schedule it on up*.

*Yeah, I don’t have an assistant. 


4 thoughts on “Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah (said really fast)

  1. C-Low (green is my favorite color) says:

    I applaud you for voicing your concerns and I completely love the one you call J-Fall. I call him Jimmy Fallon. He is funny. I especially love it when he cracks himself up. Amy, I get you and your observations are correct. I have always wondered why he needed so many men on the keys. What’s the point? Is each keyboardist only allowed to play one song at a time? Is it a contractual thing? Too many. Pair is down Jimmy.

  2. Dad says:


    Just so you know, if his scene theme song lyrics are yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, then you have my authorization to turn me in when he does his #segment on “misheard music lyrics”. I thought they were singing hey, hey, hey, hey! 🙂

    My answer to your question about the number of musicians in the roots band is all about perspective. Johnny Carson used to have 17 musicians in the Doc Severinsen Tonight Show orchestra and they were able to pay them for years, VERY WELL. There are only 10 roots, that’s a 58% cut in musicians costs from Doc’s band. And now they are an even more successful show. So, the economics probably work well.

    I read an online article by a live show attendee, that the keyboard is connected to the monitors and he uses it to check off where he’s at. Evidently the MacBook Pro is used more during show prep and when they are off the air than during taping.

    So, keep loving the show you got mom, TL, and I addicted to, even if there are unsolved mysteries about it! 🙂

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