Driving into the Sunset…

I said goodbye to a friend very dear to me today, my car Perry. Perry, you’ll remember, is short for paradise…a nod to the tropical seat covers that I purchased when I brought him home. Those of you that have been with my since the beginning will remember that Perry and I began our Colorado adventure together. You see, I had a rollover car accident on my way out to Colorado and Ian the Ion was completely totaled. As was my confidence in driving and navigating life in a new state.

photo (35)Since that time, Perry has been my regular companion, rescuer, and sometimes traveling storage unit. (Okay, almost always on the storage unit thing.) I know for some people it’s weird that I’m sentimental about a car, especially because my new car is an upgrade–the all-wheel drive is going to be great for Colorado winters, and the seat warmers aren’t too shabby either. The new car is a Subaru and is much newer and more dependable. I’m so grateful for it and I know I’ll grow to love it in a different-but-equal way to the love I have for Perry.

But for right now, I’ve been reminiscing a bit about my eight years in Colorado and it seems especially fitting that NaBloPoMo should end with a post about this car since my first month of blogging was all about the accident and aftermath.

Perry was an amazing sidekick. He was always willing to get me from point A to point B, but more than that he was with me as I started a new life. A silent partner, Perry never passed judgement on my driving skills and I always kept his tank filled and the emergency gear stored in the trunk. For some reason I’ve had Somewhere Over the Rainbow stuck in my head all day. This tune offers the perfect hopeful melancholy farewell and I’m going to christen it mine and Perry’s song.

And this, I suppose, is the end of an era. I can’t imagine that I’ll ever have another Saturn seeing as how they are now extinct. I’ve really never driven anything BUT a Saturn since after college.

My only regret is that he was too big to give one final hug.

Perry, thanks for helping me keep body and soul together all these years. You are gone but will never be forgotten.




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