Saturday Funnies!

We made it through Thanksgiving cooking, eating, and Black Friday shopping! I, myself, managed to score myself a lightening deal from Amazon late in the evening making my Christmas shopping that much cheaper and easier. And I won’t lie, it kind of made me feel like the Queen of the interwebs.

In celebration of all those things and more, I offer you these funny things to remind you that it’s still a holiday weekend…at least for now.

1. Catvertising. As a marketing person and a lover of mockumentaries, I can’t ever get enough of this video. The tongue-in-cheek manner in which the voice over is delivered just always makes me smile.

2. Morse Code. Gosh, I miss The Office in it’s hey day! This prank that Jim and Pam pull on Dwight is everything. SO HILARIOUS.

Love you all!




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