Thanksgiving Eve

Happy Thanksgiving Eve, Everyone!

Tomorrow is actual Thanksgiving, of course, but since my mother is CONVENIENTLY on call at the hospital, it’ll be a flurry of baking, sauteing, and trying my hand at making bread dough rise (fingers crossed!). Ironically, I don’t mind making the pumpkin pie as long as no one makes me eat it. (#ew) In all the busyness, I’m sure we’ll take time as a family to recount our blessings and thank the Lord for them. But tonight, in the stillness of my parents house*, it seemed like a more conducive environment to put some words to my gratefulness for all that’s happened so far this year. While this is by no means an exhaustive list (nor listed in order of priority), these things rise to the top of my mind.

1. I’m grateful for simple but profound blessings like running water, electricity, grocery stores stocked to the gills with anything I would ever need, and transportation to get where I need to go. I’m so accustomed to having these conveniences that I rarely stop to be grateful for the true blessing that they are.

2. I’m thankful to be spending Thanksgiving with my family for the first time since I was in high school. And I’m so, so, so, so, so, so thankful for those that have taken me in at their Thanksgiving dinners over the years in between. I have some pretty amazing friends and I’ve been honored to share their food and love for well over a decade. (Let’s not be too precise with our math on that number, okay friends? ;))

3. I’m grateful for baking. Seriously, people. There are few things I love more than baking for friends and family and settling my thoughts with the process of it all. Stress baking or no, by the end of the whole thing I feel so happy. I know it’s weird, but it needs to make the list.

4. I’m thankful for my job. I’ve been there for over 7 years now and in some ways I feel as though I’m just getting started. Working with some of the best in the business, reading, and getting paid to do it? Someone pinch me. Okay, don’t, but you get my drift. (And remind me of this post on the days that are a little…shall we say…not easy.)

thankful5. I am brimming with gratitude for the faith journey I’m on with the Lord. I’m grateful that he chose me, lead me to this point, is for me, is teaching me about his really real grace (really!), for the hope to change how I live my life in relation to him, and that he’s been beside me for every emotion and every step of the way this year. May the next month and years be a transformative adventure. I can’t wait.

6. I’m thankful for Gilmore Girls and The West Wing. I know this one is odd, too. I confessed to you all a few years back that I usually end my day with an episode of one of these shows. I’ve watched them so many times that it helps me turns my mind off. Oh, and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon because sometimes you just really need to laugh and a lip sync-off is just the ticket.

7. I’m grateful for my friends, far and near. I know this seems like a generic one, but I mean it from the bottom of my heart. When you live so far from family, friends become that for you. And it makes me choke up to think about all those people who have shared their heart with me and listened as I shared mine with them. For the times when we laughed our faces off and the times when we prayed for each other in the hard things. Really, for #allthethings. There are not enough words in the English language to adequately express my thankfulness for you.

8. I’m thankful for my home. Guys, there were times when I slept with AquaNet (that would work as well as mace in an assailant’s eyes, right??) at the ready by my couch because I was terrified to be by myself at night. I felt panic at the very thought of being without a roommate or being left alone for a weekend. And now, I live by myself and have for OVER A YEAR. This is one of those things where the growth happens gradually and when I look back now, I’m beyond thankful for the Lord’s grace in bringing me to this point. The ability to make it feel like my own home is just icing on the cake. (Mmmm, cake…)

9. I’m grateful for books. They grant a unique opportunity to make you see things differently, learn new things, and/or simply enjoy the experience of it all. Dumbledore was right when he said: “Words are, in my not-so-humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic. Capable of inflicting injury and remedying it.”

10. I’m thankful for music. Whether it’s my latest worship mix, dance mix, workout mix, or every day mix, it brings so much joy to my heart. Those are the times I dance like no one’s watching because…no one is. Remember? I live alone!

11. Last and by no means least,  I’m profoundly grateful for my family. For friendship with my sisters and a common bond of growing up in the same house – love you both! And for my parents who would do anything for me and taught me everything that I know. You guys are the best ever.

May you have too many blessings to count this Thanksgiving.



*BTW, this happened at 8:30 PM. It’s only a little after 9:00 PM but I’m the only one awake. #weird #doihearaghost


One thought on “Thanksgiving Eve

  1. stef says:

    I’ll miss our Thanksgivings together and I’m so glad you got to have it with your family this year! and I’m grateful for you too 🙂

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