I’ll Rise but I Won’t Shine

Last night, for whatever reason, I didn’t sleep well. Now, under ideal circumstances I’m not a morning person but this morning was particularly rough. I’m not sure why, but when I’m really tired and don’t want to move, my go-to “self-talk” is a song from High School Musical – Get Your Head in the Game. That’s not even my favorite song from the HSM trilogy! It’s a real mystery…

Anyway, I rolled out of bed (no, really, I literally rolled…I almost hit the ground) and tried to open my eyes. They really didn’t want to do that, so I let them have their way until “their way” caused me a bruised knee and a lot of pain.

It reminded me of summer. Normally, the word “summer” screams popsicles, vacation, and freedom but our department decided to participate in the option of doing summer hours. Our summer hours voting options were three-fold:

1. Work 9 hour days and get every other full Friday off

2. Work 9 hour days and get every Friday off, half-day

3. Forego summer hours entirely

For the record, I voted for #2. Most people voted for #1. I should have voted for #3. I won’t make that mistake again.

My colleagues decided to work a unfortunate 7-5 schedule so they didn’t have to leave in the dark or lose out on evening activities. I reluctantly joined with them realizing that if I didn’t, the hour I was the only one in the office would drag to infinity and beyond.

My brain really doesn’t function that early in the morning. I mean, I made it work the best I could by reorganizing my work flow so I did the brainless activities in the morning, but I still lost the shiny life I remembered. When I could hang out with my friends at night and make it through the day without being all hopped up on caffeine. It was the WORST.

I would get to work without really remembering how I got there, I would put my lunch on the counter and my book in the fridge, I kept dropping things while I tried to get ready…I was a hot mess.

Which might be why my Christmas wish list contains this mug:

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 9.49.25 PM


This morning when my alarm went off, I felt like I did those long months when summer lost all sense of meaning for me. But tomorrow! Tomorrow is only a day away. Annie says so.




2 thoughts on “I’ll Rise but I Won’t Shine

  1. Dad says:

    I was shocked to hear that your mom’s rendition of “Rise and Shine” wasn’t the song that goes through your head when you don’t want to get up! 🙂

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