Friday Funnies: Take 2!

Well, y’all…actually scrap that. It sounded funny even as I typed it. Anyhoo, time is a ticking down on this Friday evening but I couldn’t leave you hanging without some funny videos to take you into Saturday! These videos crack me up every time, so I hope you enjoy.

In this first video, put on by our friends at BuzzFeed Videos, three men try to follow a Michelle Phan eye make-up tutorial. And then hilarity ensues.

Some of my favorite quotes:

Man #2 on eye shadow brushes: “If I had to describe it, I feel like my eyes are being tickled by a thousand little leaves of wheatgrass.”

Man #2 on the whole experience: “Wooo. Contact sport.”

Man #2 on an eyelash curler: “C’mon, that does nothing. It’s just a torture device.”

Man #3 on the whole experience: “My body is rejecting the make-up, that’s why I’m twitching.”

In the second esteemed video, a man and his friend record conversations that his mom and aunt have and then act them out. It’s just so subtle and ridiculous and awesome.

Happy Friday, everyone!




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