Amy’s Tips for Responsible Facebook Use

I really love Facebook. I know the kids these days are all about their snap chatting and what-not, but Facebook has been my social media of choice for a long time. Twittering just takes too much out of me (they take their hashtagging more seriously than I do).

FacebooklogoIn all my time on Facebook–which come to think of it has been just as long as I’ve been in Colorado–I’ve come to some pretty firm conclusions on how the site should be used. Now I’m no authority, so let’s get that out of the way. Also, I think it’s important to note that it’s a free country, so if you disagree with me we can totally still be friends!

With all that said, here are Amy’s 4 Tips for Responsible Facebook Use:

1. Facebook is not a blog. It really isn’t. Your status length should NOT be 500-800 words. That is what a blog platform is for! If I have to click “read more” more than once, that’s just not cool. I want to know you and hear all the haps in your life, but could we do it by email? Or perhaps you might have enough to say that starting a blog would be wise? Or utilizing your current blog?

2. Your kids are cute, but they are not an appropriate Facebook profile picture.  If I just met you and I’m trying to connect with you for the first time OR I’m reconnecting you after a long time spent apart, the likelihood is that I don’t know your kids on sight. You want to show off your kids? Maybe a nice family or kid-focused picture as your timeline photo. Or make your profile picture of your kids but BE IN THE PICTURE WITH THEM. It really would make my life easier. (P.S. – I really do like your kids.)

3. Vague posts. If you’re going to write a status like “Well, THAT just happened”, you better be willing to tell me what the “that” is. Otherwise, it just makes me feel weird. Do you want me to know what’s happening or don’t you? Mayhap you should think through that post a little more fully before you decide to share it with Facebook. Either it’s something private that you can’t share or you can share it. Best let it fall in one of those camps.

4. Over-sharing. One thing I really appreciate about Facebook is the ability to put urgent prayer requests in your status so that many people who care about you see it all at the same time. Gosh, what a cool way for me to know how to pray specifically for you! I love that. But too much medical detail or too much detail about your kid’s adventures in potty training just make me feel awkward. Your whole day is consumed with it and I understand. I care about your life. But when I’m scrolling through my Facebook feed, I’d like to not feel queasy. Maybe we could save that for a phone chat or email conversation?  It can just be too much.

So there you have it. Maybe you agree, maybe you’d go to the mattress with me right here and now. Either way, let’s still be friends ‘mkay?




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