Things I Don’t Understand: Winter Edition

Jack-Frost-1979Well, it’s that time of year when my Facebook feed floods with statuses of people indignant that the snow and cold weather has finally found us in Colorado Springs. Maybe it’s found you in your neck of the woods, too, but Colorado winter is an especially fickle foe. For instance, one would have thought that snow and cold weather would have found us by now. After all, this is the beginning of November! And I, along with my fellow Coloradans, was lulled into a false sense of security. The warm weather whispered things like “leave your coat at home…” and “don’t worry about those snow tires yet – you wouldn’t want to wear them out…” LIES.

So yesterday, when the temperature fell something like 30 degrees in a matter of hours I was caught unawares. It was my own fault, granted, but owning that truth didn’t make my hands any warmer. I drove home slowly creeping over icy patches of street until I finally parked in my garage and threw myself into the warmth of my heated house.

Between then and now, I’ve discovered some things I really don’t understand.

1. Why is it that at the first snowfall, drivers be cray-cray? Seriously. I had a van from a heating and cooling company (ironic, no?) right on my bumper during the iciest parts of my drive. The same van decided to cut me off and swerve into the turn lane. I was so incensed that I tried to get his license plate number and company name so I could lodge a formal complaint. I’m sorry to say that I wasn’t able to do it. It’s also a universally acknowledged fact that people with 4-wheel drive think that means 4-wheel stop. Spoiler alert! It does not. Why can’t we all just be safe on the roads and look out for one another? Can’t we all be on the same team…the team of humanity? Goodness gracious.

2. What is it with Discount Tire/Tire World? I’ve done this winter tire changeover for many moons now and it’s always the same. I stack my tires on top of each other horizontally in the back seat. I call the tire guys and tell them that my winter tires are on wheels when I make my appointment. I drive in and give them my keys only to get back in my car after it’s all said and done WITH ALL THE TIRES vertically wobbling around in my back seat. What does it matter, you ask? Well, it matters a great deal when you go to stop your car and get nailed by a tire hitting the back of your seat. (#notcooltireguys) I suppose I should just be grateful to have my safer tires on my vehicle – and I am! The tire guys tend to be very nice, too, so that’s a win. I just don’t understand the logic. I cannot be the only person suffering here.

I’m going to shuffle off in my too-big slippers to snag some hot tea to warm my insides now. I hope you’ll all excuse me.




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