The End.

Well, folks, thus concludes NaBloPoMo. Honestly, I didn’t even realize it until I was sitting in church this morning and saw the date on the bulletin. So…there were a few posts that I wanted to write and just didn’t have the time to invest in them. You’ll likely see those in the coming weeks.

Also, I’m contemplating bringing back my commentary on American Idol this season mostly because I’m stoked about the judges. Okay, one judge–the dry-witted and super-talented Harry Connick, Jr. I wasn’t a big fan of him in Hope Floats, but in recent years I’ve had to re-think my opinion of him.  Having three sane judges at one time? Unfathomable since it’s never happened in Idol’s history. Additionally, I think this is the first time that all the judges have been current artists, so that’s something.

But until then?

Thanks for reading my NaBloPoMo posts. You all rock my face off!




One thought on “The End.

  1. Dad says:

    Please keep your beautiful face ON M! Thanks for a great run. NaBloPoMo was great while it lasted!! Wish you wouldn’t have seen that dumb bulletin date! As your mom says, “Rats”!

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