Black Friday Shopping…Amy-Style

One of my fabulous roommates, Liz, introduced me to Amazon Black Friday shopping four years ago and my life will never be the same. So here you go. My Black Friday regime.

1. Wake up. (This step is essential.)

2. Pull up my family/friend’s Christmas wish lists and review.

3. Log on to Amazon and click through their lightening deals by category to see what looks interesting.

4. Stretch. Run in place.

5. Click on the “Movies/DVD” deals and scan through each page, putting anything that looks even vaguely interesting to me or to others in my virtual cart.

6. Ice my wrist and mouse-clicking finger.

7. Eventually change out of my pajamas.

8. Visit Target late in the day (ideally around 7 or 8 PM when the hordes have departed and the store is eerily calm).

9. Go through the aisles and pick up any deals that seem appealing, utilizing the knowledge that I have re: Amazon prices.

10. Eat something. Remember: shopping takes sustenance.

11. Drive home with my hands firmly on the wheel and singing loudly to Christmas music. (The last part of this step can be skipped if you’re in the car with another person. I care about your street cred.)

12. Review Amazon cart and evaluate my booty in light of budget and Christmas gift appeal, deleting things that don’t make the cut.

13. Breathe in deeply in-and-out. Press “Submit Order”.

So there you have it. One woman’s crusade to only dip her toe into the Black Friday waters and manage to sleep longer than the crazy people who flood stores everywhere when people should not be awake for any possible reason. And next year, feel free to implement the Amy Black Friday plan.

You’re welcome.





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