Breaking up, it’s hard to do…

I like being busy. Not too busy, mind you, but busy enough that I feel productive and like I’m connecting with people as well as serving in some regular way. Balance, you know. It’s all the rage. But one of my favorite ways to relax is to keep up with certain TV shows. Here’s my quandary: my time is limited but I’m a person who is loyal to a fault. I have a hard time quitting things. I always think that a better episode is right around the corner. I’m in those writer’s corner Rocky-style. (It’s the eye of the tiger it’s the thrill of the fight…)

Here’s what usually happens. There comes a point where a show will pile up and languish on my DVR because I simply don’t care about the characters and/or plot lines anymore and I’m forced to reassess. It goes against every fiber of my being, but sometimes you have to eliminate the dead weight out of your life so you can move forward, and recently I found myself in just such a situation.

HartofDixieSo I took a bold step. I broke up with several shows that I previously had a fairly committed relationship. They are (in no particular order):

1. Hart of Dixie. I hung in here a long time with this show. First of all, I’m fairly certain that they shoot on the former Gilmore Girls set. Secondly, I’m a fan the cast: Rachel Bilson from way back in the O.C. days, Scott Porter from Friday Night Lights, and Tim Matheson from West Wing? Smashing! Plus, the show is about a high-falutin’ city doctor who gets stuck in a small southern town and has to battle culture shock as she tries to make a place for herself. That seems right up my alley. But I just couldn’t do it anymore. Each episode was like a caricature of real life with outlandish escapades, predictable trajectories, and shallow relationships. When you watch a show and your primary reaction is to roll your eyes? Well, that’s not good for anyone involved. So I had to tell them: “It’s not me, it’s you.” And then I hit delete.

2. The Michael J. Fox Show. I really tried to like this show, I promise you. I’m a huge Michael J. Fox fan, both in life and on television. Have you seen him on The Good Wife? He’s just so phenomenally talented. But I could not get into this. The comedic timing just seemed a bit off and I found the supporting cast unendingly annoying. I’m sorry, Michael. I just think we need some time apart. Like, a loooong time.

3. New Girl. I found the first season completely hilarious. The second season took a turn for the worst, but I clung to the hope that things could turn around for Jess and the crew. Finally, I just had to face facts: the ratio of funny to the ratio of the ridiculous and inappropriate was too lopsided for me to continue. Sorry, guys. I just need some “me” time. Don’t call me, I’ll call you.

On the Bubble: I’m now 15 episodes behind on Revolution. Partially, I stopped watching because I wasn’t sure if this would follow the path of other shows of this ilk…you know, where they air a short season and then cancel it leaving all plot points hanging in the wind? It was self-protection, pure and simple. Then I got so behind that I felt I would never be able to catch up. And here we sit. I have it on good authority that the show gets much better, so I’ll probably plug away at it at some point.

On Again/Off Again: Watching The Voice is an interesting exercise for me. I can’t get enough of the audition round all the way through the knock out round. But when we hit the live shows? I couldn’t care less about 85% of the contestants. It’s really the interaction between the judges and seeing them work with the artists that I find the most interesting. During the live shows, however, everything becomes a big love-fest because rarely will a judge give a criticism of a performance. And that’s just plain irritating. To save myself some time and pain, I fast-forward to the performances by the few contestants that I liked. Then when they are all eliminated, I stop watching. So far this strategy is really working for me.

Have you broken up with any shows lately? Or tried any new ones that you like?




2 thoughts on “Breaking up, it’s hard to do…

  1. Dad says:

    Well M, thanks for letting us know what shows, of which, you are “Braking Up”! It saves us the trouble of making the relationship with then in the first place, thus the painful brake up after the fact! You are a blogger that serves your patrons well! AML, D

  2. Brooke says:

    Oh, Amy! How I have missed you…and then you go and break my heart when you say that you are ending it with New Girl!!!!! HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? And because of the 2nd season?!?!?! I have to say, this season has become quite over the top; but last season??? Colin literally (I just said that in the voice of Rob Lowe on Parks and Recreation) fell out of bed laughing every single episode last season.
    And now, I want to watch Hart of Dixie because it must be good to have kept you this long. But I do know what you are talking about with Revolution–I am 10 episodes behind and I REALLY need the space on my DVR. I think I have 20 Voices, but Colin is going to work nights for awhile so I think I can fast forward through quite a bit of that and free up some space.
    Another show that I am falling very behind on is Covert Affairs, it is definitely on the chopping block but I am taking some time sharpening the axe.

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