A Marketing Casualty

Sometimes I think I had no choice but to get into marketing. I mean, c’mon. My love of puns? My susceptibility to advertisements? The fact that I feel the need to share everything I love with others because it’s possible that they might love it too? Plus, my adoration of a good slogan or package runs deep–almost to the point that I need to get help about it.

No, for real. Now that I live alone, I can be found speaking to magazines and television sets saying things like “Well, that is cool how they got that picture into the leaf. That really makes me want a pumpkin spice latte!” or “Guys, who thought THAT would be a good idea?” That second one comes up quite a bit. For instance today, as I lay on my couch recuperating from my cold, I saw a commercial for a heating company. It looks like the owner basically rounded up every high schooler that he knew or was related to and had them do goofy dance moves with the girls in cheerleader outfits. How is that selling me on keeping my heater up to snuff? These are the things I’d like to know, but no matter how much I converse with the commercials, they never answer back. (Come to think of it, if they ever DO answer back, that’ll be a much bigger problem.)

I digress.

Looking back, the signs were everywhere. The first step to me drinking more water? Buy a cute water bottle. The first step to me drinking coffee? Stick me in marketing brilliance (otherwise known as Starbucks). The first step to me being a good cook? Well, when I found myself smack dab in the middle of Trader Joe’s and all their super cute packaging, I was helpless against their charm.

Marketing, folks. Marketing. My job aside, I just can’t help but give a recommendation. If I’ve tried something and love it, it almost pains me NOT to talk about it. It’s a sickness, really. I know it.

My favorite part about marketing is the fresh angle. Encapsulating the best part about a product or service in a way that connects with an audience–small or large–and convincing them that it’s right for them. So, next time we’re at a restaurant and I am pressuring you to get the item on the menu that I love the most, know…it’s not a show. It’s just who I am. And I may not convince you of anything, but it’s part of my DNA to try. I’m a victim, people! So please try to remember that and nodslashsmile politely through my spiel. There’s no obligation to buy.

The thing I love to talk about more than anything else, though, is books. You probably know that by now if you’ve been reading my blog for very long. It’s not really about me recommending the same book to everyone. Well, I guess sometimes it is, but really I love to figure out the reading habits of other living humans (they respond to my recommendations much better than animals…) and learn something about them in the process. Reading habits say SO much about a person! I love it. Then I take all the information I gleaned (I’m kind of like Ruth) and I try to offer up books I think the person should pick up. Now if only I could get a job doing THAT…oh, wait. 🙂




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