I’m alive…and thankful

First and foremost: I’m alive! In case you were wondering.

As mentioned, I spent yesterday morning snoozing at the dentist’s office while they did all manner of fixing to my teeth. Three teeth, to be specific. One tooth was a filling that had receded or some such nonsense (it has ONE job). A piece of enamel on one of my front teeth fell out while brushing, so THAT needed a quick repair. And then there was the troublesome crown that was put in last year at this time and still doesn’t feel right. I’ve been chewing on one side of my mouth for the duration of that year, so I’ve kind of gotten used to that. Ah, well. I guess some change is good.

“Sedation” means that I took three Halcion pills in the space of 24 hours…one before I went to bed the night before. Two an hour before my appointment. These pills make you a bit loopy and make you forget things…two things I’m fine with because I am not allowed to drive and I have terrific friends that will let me stay overnight just to make sure I don’t injure myself or others while under the influence of these things.

When I woke up yesterday after undergoing this minor procedure, I was filled with a sense of thankfulness for a few things. Here they are, again, in no particular order:thehungergams-catchingfire-ukposter

1. I’m thankful that even under the cloud of heavy medication, I am well-mannered and safety conscious. I mean, you hear these horror stories of what happens when your inhibitions are down and I never knew how I would respond. Would I be a rageaholic? A docile wimp? Neither, apparently. According to my driver Brenda, I got right into the car, buckled my seat belt and gave her directions to the office. After the procedure, I asked her if she had to wait long for me to be done. I remember none of this. Not one second.

2. I’m thankful to be well-rested. I slept probably about 15 of the last 24 hours. I’ve never felt better…

3. I’m thankful for friends that don’t know how to take and upload videos to YouTube. Brenda and Mike took good care of me and laughed with me at my antics…but since neither of them own a smart phone I was safe from yesterday living in infamy. YESSSSS!

Tonight? I’m headed out in the snow to see Catching Fire. Not the midnight showing, mind you, but an 8:00 PM showing.  All of the showing and none of the midnight! #Best.news.ever

(This just in. I’m an old person.)





One thought on “I’m alive…and thankful

  1. Dad says:

    M, we are VERY thankful for you and your safety. We are especially thankful to Mike & Brenda for taking great care of you during your vulnerable moments this week! Don’t know what to think of the “This just in news…” That would made us ancient??? 🙂

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