Okay, so I’m generally not a big fan of change. In my experience, change means that you do something differently that was PERFECTLY FINE in the first place. And who needs that? 😉 But lately, I’ve made just a few wee discoveries that I think have changed my life for the positive. Here they are in no particular order.

1. Yolks are yucky. In hindsight, I should have realized this much earlier. I’ve never liked hardboiled eggs because of that gross yellow, chalky middle. I’ve never liked over-easy eggs, either, because of the runny yolk spreading everywhere and contaminating my food. Soft-boiled eggs are a horror that should never be spoken of again. So, really, scrambled is the only way to go. But with the discovery of egg white breakfast burritos and sandwiches, I realized that I don’t really mind egg whites as my substitute. They are yummy. So, to recap: yolks=bad, egg whites=good. And better for me, too=win/win.

2. Agave nectar is not just for weird eaters. Or maybe it is and now I’ve just joined their ranks. See, I like things to taste good. I’m not good a choking down things just because they are good for you, which I learned with the kale incident of 2012. But agave nectar is really yummy. I got the light agave nectar and started using it in my tea, first. I use WAY less of it than the sugar I was previously using. Plus, this leads to discovery 2a – I love the taste of actual black tea! I no longer drink a little tea with my milk and sugar. Strong is not wrong. That’s my new motto (feel free to use it if you want).

3. Addicted no more.  Previously, I required two “hits” of caffeine to get through the day without a headache. But after tapering back my caffeine intake slowly, I was able to go through withdrawal and emerge a stronger, less addicted Amy. Do I miss my vanilla chai lattes and coca-colas? Yep. But I have one every once in a while as a treat and my budget has thanked me profusely. Unfortunately, now that I’m drinking more water I’m becoming somewhat of an ice snob. I like the Sonic ice (which I call “Cap’n Crunch Ice”), and the small cubes in the Starbucks water/our office ice maker. Oh, well. We all have our issues, right?

4. Surrounded by greenery. I’ve always heard that the people that surround themselves with plants think more clearly and are happier in general. Now, that might have something to do with oxygen intake or some such scientific process and my plants happen to be plastic. But I hardly think that matters because I’ve already noticed a difference in ONE NIGHT. My fake plants from IKEA make me happy, so science will just have to deal with it.




One thought on “Changes…

  1. Dad says:

    M, as usual…great post! FYI…when you come for Christmas, I’ll show you how to make an Egg White Omelette and we can experiment with making your favorite Egg White Breakfast items together. My breakfast burrito invention, that you love, was as a result of not wanting to spend the money at McDonald’s for theirs…since their had sausage in it that always gave me a gut-ache. If you’ll notice, mine do not have meat! 🙂 Well, as your sister Lindsay’s voicemail greeting used to say, “Have a wonderful day!” I’m always so thankful for NaBloPoMo! 🙂

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