The Olden Days

You know what? I remember the first time I used a computer mouse. I remember a time when there was no Starbucks and research papers meant a trip to the library. Before TV remotes. Definitely before smart phones. When travel agent booked flights. When Amazon was just a speck in someone’s eye. When printing a paper meant tearing off those perforated hole-punched sides. When getting to your favorite song on an album meant rewinding the cassette tape. When VHS was king.

All I’m saying? Kids today have it easy. And why has no one invented the transporter yet? Seriously.




One thought on “The Olden Days

  1. Dad says:

    M, Your post reminded me of when someone said they were going to “swipe” something, it wasn’t a credit card…it was an synonym to “stealing” something. I’m going to swipe your bike! 🙂 As if it was a horrible high energy effort to swipe a credit card, now we have credit cards that you don’t even have to swipe. You just tap in on the credit card machine! (Discover Card calls it “Zip”) I’ve noticed that the new Holiday Inn Express hotels have the same card touch technology for their room doors. It actually comes in handy when you have your arm full of bags.

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