A Christmas Music Kerfuffle…

So, today I was standing in line waiting for my white hot chocolate at the Coffee Tea Zone. Lo, and behold what was coming out of the speakers above me but CHRISTMAS MUSIC? As the rhythmic notes of Little Drummer Boy washed over me, I felt mystified.

This seems to be an issue with me that is now happening annually. To be clear, I have no problem whatsoever listening to Christmas music out of season, early, late…anytime, really. My issue with this radio station is one of repetition. How many Christmas songs are there total? Not a ton. Why are we playing them earlier than Thanksgiving if there’s already too few songs to sustain even the weeks leading up to Christmas? Sheesh.

Which leads me to my least favorite Christmas song ever: “Christmas Shoes”. Is there anyone in the world that likes this emotional manipulation masquerading as a song? Not to be heartless, but NO. Just no. I may be exiled from respectable company after admitting this, but I also don’t really love “Away in a Manger”. I love the message, sure. But the tune? It seems very sigh-y and whine-y and tired. (Please don’t tar and feather me.)

Here’s the thing that people aren’t realizing. With all the music out there and people constantly trying to be the next Adele, there is a HUGE void that someone could be capitalizing on. Thanksgiving music! Can you imagine? I say get all the music artists in the world together (that should be easy,right?). Task them to write just one song in their own style on the themes common during the Thanksgiving holiday. Done and done.

To get you in the Thanksgiving spirit, I leave you with this clip from West Wing.

You’re welcome.


One thought on “A Christmas Music Kerfuffle…

  1. Dad says:

    Two things we can’t control: Marketing gurus that play music before it’s time…and the Government’s Demands on our Wallet & Healthcare. When the uncontrollable situations come that you blogged about I turn my heart to the Serinity Prayer! AML, Dad

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