Conquering the Krispie

I love baking. I think my record is pretty clear on that. I’ve successfully made breads, bread pudding, muffins, cakes, cupcakes, truffles, cheesecakes, cookies, bars, whoopie pies, and puddings. But there’s one dessert that has eluded me.

Ahem. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

A few years ago, I invited a few friends over for a TV show marathon day. As everyone knows, a marathon day will fall flat on its face without snacks. Carefully planned out snacks, mind you. The correct balance of sweet and salty, healthy and junk food. Needless to say, I put my snack menu together meticulously. A snack menu that included Rice Krispie treats made with Fruity Pebbles.

Now, with every new dessert adventure, my process is pretty much the same. Track down the recipe, follow the recipe to  “T”, and call my sister Brittany or my Mom (if the hour isn’t too late) if something goes wrong. But in this particular case, I wasn’t too concerned. Baking, after all, is very scientific. Throwing together ingredients in a dish didn’t appear to take that much skill.

Boy, was I wrong.

One bite into these treats and I almost cracked a tooth. All three of us agreed that they bore a closer resemblance to peanut brittle than to actual Rice Krispie treats.

In my defense, I got the recipe from the Kellogg’s website. I don’t know how I could have known that the recipe was destined to go awry. Ever since that day, I have been scarred. I’ve worn my pain beneath the surface, so you may not have noticed. But walking each and every day with the knowledge that the RICE KRISPIE treat bested me? It’s been almost too much to bear. 

Yesterday I was lamenting this to my good friend, Ashley. Ashley is like the Jedi master of Rice Krispie treats, just so you know. I’ve never seen her measure a single ingredient, but her treats always turn out fluffy and full of marshmellow-y deliciousness. So when she graciously offered to give me her insider tips and tricks to a successful Rice Krispie treat, I locked her offer in. And secured a “high alert FaceTime chat” clause in case something went terribly wrong. 

“You’re going to be tempted to turn up the heat to melt the butter and marshmellows more quickly, but DON’T DO IT.” With Ashley’s sage advice ringing in my ears, I hastened to the store to purchase the cereal and marshmellows. “Rice Krispie treats, huh?” said the check out lady. “Yes,” I replied determinedly. 

I melted the butter on LOW heat. I swirled the marshmellows around until they were gooey. I added the cereal a little at a time. I dumped the mixture in a 9×13 greased pan. 

And then I panicked. What if this was just like last time? What if I lost a tooth in the making of these treats? What if I couldn’t redeem myself? What if I had to live with this for the REST of my LIFE? 

Well, we’re about to find out. 



A little thin, perhaps, but NOT brittle. #success #takethatkrispie

Phew. That was close.


One thought on “Conquering the Krispie

  1. Dad says:

    Read your post out loud to your mom and sister last night after Financial Peace University. Who knew Rice Krispie Treats could be so illusive! Assuming the next stop is Pebbles Treats? 🙂 Enjoying NaBloPoMo VERY much!

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