Pinterest Tuesday

Gosh, I love Pinterest. I don’t spend nearly as much time on it as I did when I first joined, but I depend on Pinterest for sparks of creativity and awesomeness. And it always delivers. Always. Here are just a few things on my “Words and Quotes” pin board and why I like them so much.

We might as well start at the very beginning. My mother sent this wee little image to me. She knows me well and apparently, so does Zooey Deschanel:



This is completely and totally true even though it may sound backwards. If I just keep writing/journaling, eventually I look back and I see things so much more clearly. Because the rain is gone. And also, thoughts just make more sense all written out.




No matter what, this one always simultaneously creeps me out and makes me laugh. You’re welcome.



Since I suffer from an overdeveloped sense of justice and prefer to live in a world of black and white, this one is hard for me. But a good reminder that being right isn’t always the most important.



Guys, this is one hundred percent true. And remind me to tell you a story that involves lots and lots of spiders. (Shudder.)



You may laugh, but this is EXACTLY how I spent my afternoon. It’s a funny, funny world up in my wee little ‘ole head. 🙂


Listen, I could spend hours and possibly days in a bookstore without much complaint. But bookstores have also been known to induce anxiety. I look around at the hundreds and hundreds of books, realize that I’ll never even be able to read half of them in my lifetime, and then I get smad. (That’s “sad” and “mad”.) When I look at my ‘to read’ stack, all I want to do is quit my job in favor of reading lots and lots. But then I realize I probably couldn’t survive without a salary. So here we are.


Happy Tuesday! 🙂


One thought on “Pinterest Tuesday

  1. Dad says:

    Pinterest for me is: 1. A purple place my Bride of 34 years, and your mom, love to visit often; 2. A colossal black hole one can get lost in while life passes them by; and 3. A place most of the women in my life enjoy. Hmmmm…..

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