Conversations with my Mother

Today, I had the privilege of FaceTiming with my mother. Now, I don’t want you to think that I don’t love talking with my mom. It is not uncommon for me to call her many times a week and FaceTime with her every once in a while (how else could I show her my newest shoe purchase in action or ask a baking question based on the look of the work-in-progress?). This particular weekend, though, I was supposed to have a FaceTime adventure with my wee nieces since they are currently in West Virginia. Nevertheless, any time talking with family through what I still consider “Star Trek technology” is a good time so the switcheroo worked just fine for me.

MomandMeI should back up just a bit and let you know that my mother is the one that has instilled in me a love of football. She keeps a binder with the weekly NFL match-ups as well as a running score of each team’s wins and losses and we compete each year to see whose week-to-week picks will win over the others. I’m currently approximately 5 years behind points-wise, but every year I like to think that I keep her on her toes.

She’s been a Bronco fan as long as I can remember and me living near the city of Denver means that sometimes I get the local team news before she does. Today was one such day. Before talking with her, I read this on Facebook: “ESPN reports Broncos head coach John Fox has been taken to a hospital in Charlotte for chest pains and a suspected heart attack.”*

During the course of our conversation, I relayed the information to her. There was a pause and she wore a look of concern and horror. Then her face cleared, “But it’s a bye week!”

My mother cracks me up.

Since we’re talking about these things, I’ll pull out a picture from the Haddock archive. Either during or right after college I received this picture in the mail (take note, kids, this is back when people actually developed and mailed pictures to people).


On the back, my sister Lindsay wrote this: “Our mother, the nurse, couldn’t find a plastic bag at work to bring her donut home in…look closely…oh yes, this is a BIOHAZARD bag!”

I feel sorry for people with boring moms. Mine is the BESTEST EVER. Love you, Mom!

*UPDATE* – The Broncos’ Executive Director of Media Relations, Patrick Smyth, says head coach John Fox DID NOT have a heart attack and that he spoke with him and Coach Fox is in “good spirits” while undergoing additional testing at a Charlotte-area hospital.


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