Just a few things…

You know what, guys? Blogging is fun. Lately, friends who shall remain nameless have questioned that I even have a blog. So, here I am, giving in to peer pressure as usual…hey! NO JUDGING.

In recent days, I’ve discovered a few things about myself that I’d like to share with you —

1. In my heart, I’m a hip-hop dancer. And somehow, that always makes me think I qualify as a dance expert when I watch “So You Think You Can Dance”. You’ll catch me uttering phrases like “those lines were beautiful!” or “they really captured the emotion of that piece.” A few things to bear in mind. (1.) Most of my formative years, the authority figures in my life left me with the impression that dancing lead straight to harder things like drugs, pregnancy, or playing poker. Therefore, my dancing was mostly limited to rocking out with a hairbrush to DC Talk in front of my mirror in my room. (2.) I do have a few qualifications that I shall share for you to judge for yourself:

– A few months in a beginning gymnastic class when I was in grade school. And let’s be honest, I was much more excited about my neon blue sweat suit with the pink sparkle-y puff-paint roses on the top than I was actually interested in learning anything about artistic expression on a balance beam.

– Several years in high school as a cheerleader…for wrestling. This experience mostly found me sitting on the floor whilst cheering, but we did do two floor routines in my three-or-so years there. One of which I still remember because we did it two years in a row. With the right motivation (I love Starbucks!) I can sometimes be convinced to perform the routine.

– A brief stint in a hip-hop cardio class at the YMCA. I was kind of awesome, EXCEPT for the doing the actual movements correctly. I would usually scurry to the back of the class and pretend that I was am-ah-zing and that ‘NSync would ask me to be a back-up dancer on their comeback tour. The comeback tour hasn’t happened yet, but a girl can hope, right? It was the funnest exercise ever, though. And yes, funnest is definitely a word.

With these years of experience under my belt, you can imagine my shock and disappointment when the judges on the actual show disagree with my assessment of the dancers and choreography. In fact, I disagree so often that it’s possible that I’m actually not an expert on this topic…but I don’t have to be an expert to know that this rocked my face off (the dance starts at 1:09):

2. I loathe the ‘song of the summer’. Summer can be over now, for all I care. Also, the ‘song of the summer’ seems like something the music industry made up, much like how Hallmark makes up holidays. Normally, I’m okay with that – creative license and all of that – but this year the song is completely irritating. Whenever I hear any portion of it, it drives me to a rage. Which is probably a subject for a different day.

3. Can we all just agree that if the sun isn’t up, humans should not be up either? This morning when my alarm went off, I looked out the windows and saw STARS. And not like “I got hit in the head with a mallet in a cartoon” kind of stars. CONSTELLATIONS. If the stars are out and it’s past 9 PM, I should be sleeping. I just feel like I shouldn’t have to convince anyone of this–it seems pretty straightforward.

NaBloPoMo is just around the corner, so hang on to your socks and try not to have a heart attack when you see this blog actually being updated on a regular basis.

PS – Can I just say that I’ve hoped for Harry Connick, Jr. as an Idol judge and for Randy “the Dawg” to be off the panel for so long? Looking forward to seeing what this season holds with three pretty sane and helpful judges. Wait, did I just jinx it? I did, didn’t I? *facepalm


3 thoughts on “Just a few things…

  1. Sarah Zimmer says:

    Yay! I’m so glad you are back to blogging! Love it! Can I get a picture of that sweat suit you were talking about 😉

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