Diatribes, Texting Parents, and Downton Abbey

Okay, just a few things have been bothering me…some for a WHILE now. And I’m taking this opportunity, with scant days left in NaBloPoMo, to get them off my chest.


1. There is no such thing as “Black Friday Week” or “Cyber Monday Week”. Friday and Monday are actual DAYS OF THE WEEK. You can’t have one day of the week for the whole week. Otherwise, by now we’d be on permanent Saturdays. Just because Amazon says it, doesn’t make it so. I really do not understand this. I know we’re trying to claw our way back from recession, but can’t you just call it “Black Deals week” or something? I’m not trying to rain on anyone’s parade, just maintain a little accuracy for heaven’s sake.

2. WHY IS IT that good-for-you-food is not served to me fast? Is it too much to ask for grilled zucchini spears to be added to a few drive-through joints? Or would steamed vegetables and baked chicken kill them? Quick! Someone with an entrepreneurial mind get on this! I’ll do the marketing pro bono.

3. Now, how long has Star Trek been around? Ages and ages. Why has no one invented the transporter yet? What are we waiting for, people?

4. Dear people from California and Texas: Just because you have a 4-wheel drive vehicle does not make you invincible on the road. This is also not a license to be a jerk-face. Thank you.

5. Um, compact parking is for COMPACT CARS. I don’t know why I have to explain this to people, but apparently many Hummer owners are confused on this issue.

6. Just do us all a favor, please do not share detailed posts about your child’s potty training on Facebook. Or go into extreme detail on medical issues. Or berate your husband or children in this public forum. Can these be face-to-face conversations?! Is there nothing sacred anymore?

Parental Texting

You might remember that last year I posted a few items from the When Parents Text website. I can’t really condone everything on that site, but there are some funny, FUNNY posts to be had there. Just a few more for old times:

Left Click

Battery Operated Panda

Harry Potter Victory

Downton Abbey

Last year when I was sick, I watched the full first season of Downton Abbey on Netflix. Before you judge me too harshly, there are only 7 episodes. Now, I found the episodes compelling but not riveting. And I immediately felt like my “Girl Card” was going to be confiscated because of the LOVE and ADORATION of every single person on the planet for this series. I liked it a lot, but I found myself completely frustrated with Mary and Mr. Bates.

[SPOILER ALERT if there is anyone out there that hasn’t seen the series]

Why in heaven’s name did Mary refuse Cousin Matthew? I completely wanted to throw something at her head. And Bates’ code of honor made me want to throttle him. Seriously, dude? Tell people why you were in jail!! Sheesh.

But my new roommate is a big fan and happens to own season 2. And I must admit that the second season has wooed me. The characters change and grow, the plot lines are interesting, and there are several people on the show that I love to hate. And some of the characters that I disliked intensely last season are now my favorites. Plus, it’s historical and whatnot. So, I’m sorry Downton Abbey. I was wrong.

Okay, so that’s the end of this random post. I apologize for the goulash approach to this evening’s offering but tomorrow (!) we’ll have a guest blogger! If you’re a boy, you probably can skip tomorrow unless you’re looking for a gift for a female in your life. Because my friend Stef has, at my request, put her “Top 10 Beauty Must-Haves for Every Girl” list together. Let me tell you, there is no one else I trust more than Stephanie on this subject. After all, people have to look at you so it’s only fair to make yourself look nice. 🙂

See you tomorrow!


P.S. – Do you have any diatribes to add to the list?


One thought on “Diatribes, Texting Parents, and Downton Abbey

  1. Dad says:

    Hey M,

    I always liked goulash. Don’t get upset, but they don’t offer that at fast food drive-thrus either! So, it’s a good thing you offer it in your blog! 🙂

    My diatribe: People who plan ahead, get “Dissed” by rude leaders who don’t.

    For example, I had a visitor from Australia earlier this week. The planning horizon for the meeting was over a month ago. The day of the meeting, a key leader, who accepted my Outlook Invitation a month ago giving me their commitment of availability for the meeting, let me know he wouldn’t be there. Really? 5 minutes notice when the visitor spent thousands on airfare and planned their logistics because the leader indicated that they would be available? I could have planned it for the next day, with a little notice! Seriously? As Amy would say, “Come on people.”

    AML, Dad

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