Merry and Bright

Well, I returned from Lake City in one piece. Yay, me.

And as you might remember from my list yesterday, tonight my roommate I and decorated for Christmas. The stockings are hug by the…erm…bookcase with care. The tree is lit, fluffed to perfection, and filled with a beautiful glorious hodge podge of my roommates ornaments and my own. Getting out all of my decor for Christmas is kind of like a little birthday party because I’ll buy things on clearance the year before and then forget that I did. Does anyone else do that, or is it just me?

[CONFESSION: I’m not quite ready for Christmas. I mean, I’m ready to start being ready for Christmas but it seems like the day is barreling towards me at break neck speeds and I rather just bask in the soft and twinkling glow from my Christmas tree and sit a spell.]

Anyways, the Glee Christmas CD and Josh Groban provided the ambiance for our merriment and as I pulled out four rubbermaid tubs of Christmas spirit, I finally remembered to take “before” pictures! Again, I must say, yay me. This way, you guys can pretend like you were there with us.

Pre-decoration. Please note the awesome leather chair (Thanks, Jen Pam!) and fantastic couch and ottoman-ish item that belong to my fabulous roommate. AND that’s new carpet there, folks. Our landlords rock my face off.

Post-decoration. Mostly what’s different here is the tree. And you can’t see it, but there are little green ornaments hanging on the red scroll-y wall hanging. Also, some awesome beaded garland contributed by my roomie. We are such an phenomenal deocorating team I cannot even believe it.

Pre-decoration. You can see all of the lovely fall items that we had displayed from September on. We’re so ON it. Plus, you can see my yarn letters all in their glory. The ones that caused PTSD in all my craft-y friends.

The tree on the table is one of my very favorite items passed down from my Grandma. And we felt it was important to put the nativity at the center to off-set any potential greed that looking at the stockings would foster.

And of course, the main event. Decorating the tree is always a little bittersweet since most of my ornaments came from my Nana through every year of my life and now she’s not here to share those memories with me. I’m thankful for her role in my life, though, and to have known her for as long as I did.

Oh, okay. And I did finish my Christmas list of gifts to buy. However, instead of sitting by a fireplace drinking peppermint hot chocolate and nibbling on the end of a pencil while Christmas music swirled about me (this is how I pictured it in my mind, which is funny because we don’t have a fireplace…), I jotted down a quick list on a napkin. But a list is a list, people.

Question (and this is a for reals question). How do you decide who goes on your Christmas list? I’m super curious. And I know that curiosity killed the cat. But I, if you haven’t noticed already, am NOT a cat.

Thank goodness.


2 thoughts on “Merry and Bright

  1. Dad says:

    M, nice Sunday pm Football type play by play blog on you and your roomates’s decorating activities. Looks Christmas-y! :). Now your gift question…

    The secret to the Christmas list is likely not really a secret. There are 2 phase lists (one meaningful, one random).

    The first phase is family and your closest friends. Phase 2 list is for those people in your life that, don’t plan, or you underestimated their care for you, or those you intentionally forgot in phase 1, or those that are “gift giving for no reason” people you would never count on getting a gift from.

    The gifts in phase 1 are planned and budgeted. Phase 2 gifts are unpredictable and can only be budgeted after many years of looking back, after Christmas, to see what the difference is between phase 1 and phase 2. Your Phase 2 budget must always be expressed in percentages and you have to buy less thoughtful gifts “on the fly” as these random gift givers are hard to predict. Your mom and I have found that phase 2 is the perfect way to get rid of all the meaningless phase 2 giftd we get, by…you guessed it…REGIFTING!! :). So save the meaningless gifts to reduce your percentage for phase 2! 🙂

    AML, Dad

  2. Susan says:

    My Christmas list = my Amazon wish list which gets compiled throughout the year when I think of something I want (but not badly enough to buy it) or when someone recommends a book to me. However, it’s important to weed through the list just before November – deleting most items and re-adding the ones I really want so people see the “date added” as fairly recent and therefore can draw the conclusion that I still want it.

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