I Didn’t Blink: A Lake City Adventure in Pictures

I’m sure you get it by now. There’s no need to hit you over the head with it…but just to recap: I was really excited to be spending time in the Stars Hollow-ish town of Lake City for Thanksgiving. And though I arrived two days ago, I had yet to experience the town in all it’s glory.

Today was the day! Andrew’s advice to me? Not to blink, or I would miss it. Several members of the family also tried to keep me from getting my hopes up. But I knew what I expected and I knew that Lake City would rise to those expectations. I was not disappointed.

First, we stopped at the Mocha Moose where Andrew and at least one of his siblings worked. The Mocha Moose was eclectic with kind of Navajo Indian-looking flair and boasted a barista action figure that was still in its original packaging and tacked to the bulletin board.

While there, Diana took in the local happenings via THE SILVER WORLD newspaper, which comes out once a week. THE SILVER WORLD holds lots of news, including a list of people in the county that owed their taxes. Andrew was told he could subscribe to get the newspaper in Colorado Springs but it would likely show up six weeks late on account of that this was considered fourth class mail.

After our quick jolt of caffeine, we headed into the mountains towards Lake San Cristobal. We pulled over so I could take a few pictures…right in front of this sign.

Can we just take a few moment of silence in appreciation of my awesome photography skills? It took a lot of effort. I had to point AND shoot with my iPhone camera…

Diana and I took the Kodak moment opportunity. The wind did not play fair. Also, for all of my ah-maz-ing photo expertise, I still haven’t figured out where to look when I snap these kinds of pictures.

Rounding out our trip (I’ve basically shown you the only places in town that were open…), we stopped at the General Store next to Poker Alice’s place. The items inside were general all right. I heard the cashier helping a customer pick out a place to stay on their trip say “Now, that’s not really a resort. That’s where you park an RV.” Glad to have that cleared up.

Through it all, my excitement and enthusiasm was balanced by this little one, content with only viewing the back of her eyelids.


2 thoughts on “I Didn’t Blink: A Lake City Adventure in Pictures

  1. Dad says:

    Va Va Voom on the hair color M!!!

    When you shared the Mocha Moose with us, I couldn’t help asking myself if they accept Starbucks cards, or if there is any quality differences between a Moose Americano and my daily ordered beverage at SB. 🙂

    Thanks for the tour of Realville! :). Stay safe!

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