Rules of the Road (Trip)

Happy Almost Thanksgiving, everyone!

This year, at long last, I’m finally spending this holiday in a little place I like to call Lake City, Colorado. Well, other people call it that too, but whatever. I’ve long wanted to visit this spot, home of the Meredith family (among others) including Noelle, Polly, and Andrew. I’ve only ever heard tales of the town–population 400–and its quaint stores, the soda shop, the ice cream place, and amazingness.

I think of it as a mountainous Stars Hollow, so you can see why I’d be anxious to come. That, and I like the people who live here pretty well. 🙂 Andrew and his wife, Diana…as well as baby Audrey…were kind enough to pick me up this morning, add my considerable bags to their luggage (what can I say? I have not mastered the skill of packing light), and traipse me all the way up here into the mountains. Our trip was about five hours, but the memories? Priceless.

I thought this would be an excellent time to give you a few road trip tips and tricks. You’re welcome.

1. Always travel long distances (or even short ones) with people you like. I would NOT recommend this method of travel with an enemy OR a frenemy. Unless trapping them in a car for hours on end is your method for reconciliation. In which case, I would remove any blunt objects from the car before proceeding. Andrew, Diana, and Audrey made lovely travel companions…just for the record.

2. Put out feelers for information the bathroom break policy of your driver. Growing up with my Dad, who didn’t like to stop for that, I’ve learned to ask leading questions to see if I should drink that full venti vanilla chai latte or abstain. I’m just sayin’. It’s good information to be aware of.

3. Always bring snacks for your fellow travelers. Homemade is best, but in a pinch snack-y items from the store will do. You might not need them, but better safe than ravenous. Plus, people like people who give them food. It’s a proven and scientific-ish fact.

4. Do NOT pass up the opportunity to hear childhood stories from your car-mates. They are often the most hilarious and help you get to know your friends in a whole new way.

5. Always, always assist the driver. Maybe that’s digging their phone out of their coat pocket in the back seat. Or handing them food items for easy access. Or clearing trash from the car at regular intervals. A happy driver is a safe driver. A safe driver means that you have a higher likelihood of arriving at your destination. Plus, it’s just a nice thing to do.

And now a few pictures. Hopefully more tomorrow!

A most amazing apple crisp with melt-y vanilla ice cream. It’s okay. Be jealous. It was THAT good.

Phase one of the apple pie for tomorrow involved me cutting apples. Don’t worry, the pie crust was handled by the professional. Also, have I ever told you how I love chopping up fruits and veggies?

Oh, I should also mention that I got my hair cut and colored. 🙂


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