A Tale of Two Movies

This weekend, I saw two movies in the theater. Which is actually saying something  because I usually don’t even see ONE movie in the theater per weekend, so this double-feature was kind of unprecedented.

One was a tale seeped in history and dripping with potential for all sorts of Academy awards. And one was about vampires and werewolves.

What can I say? My interests are teasingly diverse.

(I’m racing the clock on this blog post, but that doesn’t seem to be new. My post on Saturday night went up to the minute. I guess I like adventure more than I thought I did, but don’t get me parachuting lessons for Christmas okay? Thanks.)

Anyway. Moving on to the first film: Lincoln. Directed by Steven Spielberg and boasting an impressive cast (Daniel Day Lewis, Sally Field, Tommy Lee Jones, James Spader, Joseph Gordon-Levitt…) this movie was a peek into our nation’s history. Although Lincoln was definitely a focal point on screen, the true star of the movie was the 13th Amendment. To pass or not to pass? Despite the fact that I knew the answer, living in the future and what-not, I still felt every “yea” vote and every “nay” vote even more. I assumed it’s passage was hotly debated and I’m sure some history teacher along the way told me all about it. But I was still surprised at how close the call was. And what methods had to be used in order to add that little piece of paper to our country’s governing statutes. Here are some other takeaways:

  • In one of the very first battle scenes a solider–Union or Confederate, I couldn’t tell you–was drowning another man on the other side of the war by pressing his boot over his face and immersing him in the mud and water. In that moment, all the theory of how hard it would have been for brother to fight brother and friend to fight friend simply because of where the lines were drawn, came into sharp focus. I don’t know how in the world America survived.
  • Tommy Lee Jones is old. And even though I applaud him for not getting plastic surgery, that doesn’t mean that he isn’t hard to look at. I feel like he could benefit from some eye cream.
  • It’s truly amazing how far the Presidency has come throughout the years. I have no idea why Abraham Lincoln would have signed up for such a thankless job, but we can all be grateful he did. The people had much easier access to this president than we do to ours today. And the White House, while grand at the time I’m sure, did not show near the opulence that it has today. Plus, no Air Force One…
  • All I could think while opposing sides made their points on the floor of the Capital, is that our past was their future. They had no idea what passing such an Amendment would bring (though they had their strong opinions), but if they hadn’t passed it I wonder what our nation would be like today? It’s sobering to think how much we take for granted and how much effect their decisions have on our present reality.

The second film, if you haven’t guessed by now, was Breaking Dawn: Part 2. Every time another Twilight movies comes out, I tell myself that I’m not going to see it in the theater. Honestly, liked I mentioned in one of my previous movie posts, I don’t think the movies do the books justice. And the cheesy special effects? Not cool, guys. Not cool. But somehow, I still have gone to every one…some more reluctantly than others. This one was better than most of them, but that didn’t stop the cringe-worthy moments. Such as:

  • Bella climbing up the face of a cliff in a fitted, short blue dress and returning with only a small, symmetrical slit on one side.
  • Creepy, creepy CGI baby Reneesme. Seriously, CREEP FACTOR 10!
  • Ripping the vampires heads off to find that they are made of stone (?). Weird. And not realistic.
  • Bella yelling at Jacob re: the whole imprinting fiasco.

Still, with Bella being made into a vampire, the considerable awkwardness she exudes faded and allowed me to actually like her. And I’m fairly certain I saw Edward smile. At least once, maybe more. Shock! I did like the ending (which I won’t spoil here), but I would have ended it before the actual end.

The only unifying part of these two movie experiences? Why Lee Pace, of course! Isn’t that hilarious? He did well in both films, though I would be his character’s friend in the Twilight flick, but probably not so much his character in Lincoln. So, I hope that’s as clear as mud.

Have you seen either movie? What did you think?



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