My Day in Pros and Cons

Whew! This has been a week. I suppose you could say that about all of them, but there’s a certain emphasis I’m going for here.

I just have one thought going through my brain right now and that is: TGIF. Seriously. It’s about time. How was my day? Oh, it’s sooo sweet of you to ask. Let’s do it Rory Gilmore style and list out the pros and cons.

Pro: When I woke up this morning, the thought that it was finally Friday made me happy.

Con: In order to live this day, I had to get out of bed. Leave my warm flannel sheets and turn off my alarm and start to straight iron my hair. Come to think of it, this probably shouldn’t be my first task after waking up given my precarious mental status at this time of day…


Pro:  Ate zucchini bread and blueberry Noosa yogurt for breakfast this morning.

Con: Left both of them in the fridge at work. So long, weekend breakfast.


Pro: Talking and brainstorming about books with my colleagues today.

Con: The forum was a SIX HOUR meeting in our large conference room. Shoot me now.

Pro 2: Everyone liked the snacks I brought.


Pro: Knowing that this meeting could get torturous, my boss provided prizes for good ideas.

Con: None of my ideas were good enough to make the cut. Prizeless Amy, that’s what they’ll call me long after I’m gone. Kind of like they call Sir Nicholas “Nearly Headless Nick”.


Pro: Making a meal of cheap happy hour appetizers with friends after a long week.

Con: Well, there really is no con to that. 🙂


Pro: Catching up with friends at the TMC alumni event tonight.

Con: Sitting on metal bleachers in 28 degree weather.


And tomorrow I’m going to try out this new dry shampoo craze, help my friend organize her kitchen, and go see the movie “Lincoln”. But first, I’m going to sleep. 🙂 Night-night!


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