The Great Christmas Music Debate

I remember being blindsided by it in college. The notion that Christmas music should only be played from the day after Thanksgiving through New Years. I always knew that my time away from home at college would expand my horizons and teach me to look at the world through different eyes…but I never expected this. This revelation was delivered by my indignant-eyed roommate like a sucker punch to my stomach. I guess growing up, we mostly listened to Christmas music during that time frame. But I don’t remember it being a strict MANDATE or anything. And I stepped right on that landmine of an age-old controversy without even knowing it.

Still reeling from the upset of my tidy little Christmas-y world, I lashed out the only way I could: I determined to listen to Christmas music whenever I wanted for however LONG I wanted and loudly disputed those that took the other side. And then, a few years later, I learned that there are people out there that don’t even LIKE Christmas music. Is that even allowed if you’re a human? It shouldn’t be.

I love Christmas music.

I spent the fall semester of my senior year at my college’s extension campus in Israel and I remember returning to the States and hearing Christmas music in the airport and just feeling the soft, warm feeling of home.

Christmas music always makes me feel that way. I think it’s because Christmas means the at-least-once-a-year travel to see my family. Being taken care of by my parents, reuniting with my sisters, sitting down and eating meals all together, and even waking up to a house bustling with activity (Hey! I value my sleep…so sue me). The music of the holidays serves as the backdrop to so many happy memories and I can’t help but love it and associate it with those times.

Tonight was our first church Christmas choir rehearsal. I look forward to Christmas choir because it gives me a legitimate excuse to sing Christmas music out of season AND forces other people to do that too, no matter their stance on the situation. (Bwahaha!)

But when I got in my car tonight and turned to the local radio station, I heard Christmas music. It wasn’t just a stray song or anything, it was song after song and then an ad to “tell my friends” that there was Christmas music playing on the station from now until the end of the year.

I must admit to being shocked by my reaction. Total revulsion flooded me. “No, they can’t! That’s just wrong. It’s too early!” I muttered to myself. And then I immediately felt like a hypocrite. So, like all hypocrites, I scrambled to correct this dichotomy. To explain it away. And I discovered something about myself that I’m not proud of.

I actually agree with the “after Thanksgiving” people as it relates to the world at large. But I like to play by different rules.That’s the fun! Living outside the Thanksgiving law.

Like I said, I’m not proud of it. I know it’s a double standard. But I can’t help it. I won’t be listening to any more of this radio station’s Christmas tunes until after Thanksgiving. I’m going to pretend like this never happened. But you better believe I’ll be popping in my Plus One Christmas CD before I consume one ounce of turkey and stuffing.

That’s just the kind of rebel I am.


3 thoughts on “The Great Christmas Music Debate

  1. Dad says:

    Well M,

    I’m constantly fascinated by what goes on in your head. It sounds like a war zone when you are ‘splaining it in your debate blog, but on the outside, you seem so demure. Go figure.

    You just have yourself a merry little Christmas time in there…before, during or after Thanksgiving! It’s your call ! 🙂

    AML, Dad

  2. stef says:

    I want the Christmas season to last as long as possible! You’ve inspired me to listen to my Sleigh Ride pandora channel now, thanks!

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