The Twitters

I’ve been Twitter-resistant for a while now. This stems from…well, stubbornness mostly. With every TV show and news network pushing their hash tags in my general direction, I’ve not been inclined to be persuaded. Back when MySpace was a big deal, I signed up for a Twitter account and then promptly abandoned it in favor of my Facebook account.

Facebook lets me say what I want with however many characters I deem necessary. Facebook gives me pretty images that I can share with my friends. Facebook makes it easy for me to see pictures of my adorable nieces.

Now, I have friends. Friends who say that Twitter is the best thing since sliced bread. Highly respected colleagues who tell me that building relationships in the Twitter-sphere would make a difference in my life.

Here’s the thing, though. I’m going to need to really get on board with Twitter for my job. Marketing without Twitter is kind of like trying to eat chow mein with only one chopstick.

Still, I don’t wanna. I get Facebook and Pinterest. I don’t think anyone gets Google +. And LinkedIn is kind of boring. I just don’t understand the Twitter culture. But since I want to grow and learn new things and since my Dad is on Twitter, I guess I’ll give it a go. Just wish me luck and don’t judge me if I give into the hash tag craze. A girl has to earn a living somehow.

And if you’re in love with Twitter, I’d love to know why in the comments. Help a sista’ out and explain it to me!


3 thoughts on “The Twitters

  1. Dad says:

    Hey M,

    Top 10 reasons I love Twitter more than Facebook:
    10. I couldn’t give you 2 reasons I like Facebook
    9. The light blue bird is cute, like my creative eldest daughter
    8. It’s easier to learn than Facebook;
    7. It’s easy to “Unfollow” an over zealous tweeter.
    6. With so few characters it is easy to see the “over Tweeters”…they have 10 Tweets in a row!!
    5. It’s layered so that I can see a message that has been Tweeted, if the author is clever, I can drill deeper via link to see articles and/or pictures.
    4. There is no exponential growth of my Twitter followers, a time control freaks’ dream.
    3. Twitter forces me to be brief šŸ™‚
    2. Verbose people must be brief (maybe this one is the same as 2???). šŸ™‚
    1. I can read every “Tweet”, of those I’m following, in less than 10 minutes because of the 140 character limit you don’t like!!!

    AML, Dad

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