From Amy With Love On Election Night

If my Facebook feed is to be believed, a lot of Americans voted today. Including me. I got a mail-in ballot and turned it in at my polling place today to receive my badge of honor…the “I Voted” sticker. In my mind, I’ve done everything I can to affect the outcome of the races, whether they go my way or not. And there’s a peace in that and also in knowing that God is sovereign over the leaders of this country.

Here’s the thing, though. Just once, I wish I could vote on the issues and not feel like I have to diagram the sentence to get to the point of what’s being proposed. Why, oh why can’t they write laws in plain English?

ALSO. I would like to vote on other things that matter to me. Like:

  • Should people be able to clip their fingernails and/or toenails at work? I would vote “no” on this measure.
  • Should people that cut other people off while driving get a consequence of some sort? I would cast a “yea” vote on this proposal.
  • Should Joann’s Fabric be required to come up with a more efficient organizational system than letting a customer stand in line with their fabric for over 45 minutes before being helped? On this, I would vote “yes” twice if I could.
  • Should teleportion devices be a national focus area of development? I do not know why it’s taking us so long. YES.
  • Should Starbucks be free to anyone having a bad day and in need of an extra shot of caffeine? Let’s make the world a safer place and vote “yes”.
  • Should airlines be allowed to bump you off of a FLIGHT YOU PAID GOOD MONEY FOR because they oversold the flight? Heck no. And why is this even in our reality?

What would you put on your personal ballot?

And just because I can’t help it, here’s another appropriate West Wing video for election night.


One thought on “From Amy With Love On Election Night

  1. Dad says:


    I would put a mandate for the election of a man who knows how to run companies and the Olympics, to make him our CEO of the US (aka POTUS ).

    But it doesn’t appear Americans feel the same as I do!

    AML, Dad

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