Funny Monday

Mondays. The re-entry to the work week. Waving good-bye to all that “free” time that the weekend brings. So what better to usher in the new week than a few funny videos? Nothing? That’s what I thought you’d say. Enjoy!

That Sheldon cracks me up every single time.

Oh, Michel. Worst babysitter ever 🙂

Josh, Josh, Josh. A secret plan to fight inflation?


2 thoughts on “Funny Monday

  1. joannebischof says:

    Well hello blogging girl! I’m about to show what a dork I am that I haven’t seen a sitcom in a really long time–the not having a tv thing sort of does that to a girl. The first one had me cracking up! So funny!! Ok, now I’m gonna watch the other two. I feel so hip! :]

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