General Brunch-ish-ness

Mimi’s breakfast is the best…

The birthday brunch has to be one of my favorite traditions amongst my friends. I like to think I lead the way with my birthday at Mimi’s, but the truth is, as long as there have been girls, there has been brunch. I’m pretty sure Eve started it off in the garden. She was like, “Adam! Look at all these delicious fruits and veggies!” And Adam said, “Eve, fruit is for breakfast and we have to wait to eat vegetables until at least lunch time.” And Eve was like, “Pshaw, Adam. Let’s combine them and call it brunch!”

But don’t quote me on that.

Anyway, we’ve tried a couple local spots since then, and found a winner today in celebration of another year of Katie’s life. There are lots of things I like about my friend Katie. Let me list a few of those for you, since you know how much I love lists:

  • She is kind and thoughtful. People say this about other people all the time, but it’s completely true.
  • She makes me try new things. Like nail polish, wearing skinny jeans, cooking different stuff, using the library hold system, etc.
  • She doesn’t laugh at me when I’m being ridiculously serious.
  • She’s a very good listener. And she does laugh at my jokes, even the bad puns.
  • She never gets sick. Therefore, she’s the most reliable person ever. And in an apocalypse, my money is on her for survival.
  • She always looks cute. And this is inspiring to someone like me who barely has a desire to put on makeup each morning.
  • She reads all the time. Someday, I want to grow up to be just like her. How can you not love a person whose New Years Resolution is to read less?
  • She is the best shopping friend ever. Honest feedback, suggestions, talks you into buying something when you really want to and out of it when you shouldn’t, and shops at just the right pace.
  • She is what her mom would call a “comfy person”. I can hang out with her all the time and we can just do normal stuff together. We don’t have to plan a big extravaganza to have a good time. It’s just easy to be around her.

The birthday girl!

I could really go on and on, but let’s stop things there. Happy birthday, Katie!

So, we went out to brunch to celebrate Katie. You may be thinking “Amy, what do people talk about at brunch?” I’m so glad you asked. Here are a few tidbits of conversation that flew around the pancake stacks, coffee, and bacon this morning.

We spent several minutes discussing the general trendiness of Beth Moore. One person at the table was talking about how a demanding author was insisting that their company provide a stylist for her. Then, another bruncher commented that an author that really needed a stylist was Beth Moore. And another person rose up to her defense. Where did we come out on this topic? It’s still a little unclear to me. But I think the general consensus was that Beth Moore is Texas stylish and that her old videos are maybe not so appealing today because she was following trends from back then.

Huevos rancheros are awesome.

We strongly contested the format of our next movie marathon day. The last time we had a marathon movie day, it was the brainchild of a one Liz Johnson. We all hung out at one place, stayed in our PJs all day, noshed on various foodstuffs, and watched Jane Austen movies end to end. It was a great success and so we’ve decided to embark on another day much like it. What to watch, however, seemed to be a little harder to land on. Two friends hate “old” movies (by which they mean movies that were made a long time ago AND movies set in historical time periods prior to 1980). Everyone but me, apparently, hated the suggestion of a Step Up marathon. Whatever, guys.

Then we veered down a path of allowing everyone to bring their favorite movie for the group to watch. But that was determined to be too much pressure. So I think what we landed on was a theme day. Christmas movies. But any movie containing Channing Tatum or Zac Efron was banned. Which lead us to…

We debated the general acting skills of Channing Tatum. I recently watched the movie Step Up and was pleasantly surprised at his acting skills. But I was in a very small minority. I tried to join the group again by pointing out that Channing Tatum was not that good-looking. And again found myself in a small minority. So, rather than be ostracized from the group forever, I acquiesced to the “No Channing Tatum movies” rule.

All in all, the birthday brunch lived up to the hype. And the food was pretty good too. 🙂


One thought on “General Brunch-ish-ness

  1. Dad says:


    Or should I say, “JRR Tolkein M”. That Biblical account of Adam & Eve and Brunch was quite a fantasy story! I was relived when you ended with, “But don’t quote me on that.”

    As to the movie plan…I can’t be much help.,.
    I find that I have more trouble knowing anything about the current actors you and your brunch buds are talking about, of late, than I would have in watching movies before 1980 (you know, the movies you banned). Go figure..

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