Friday Craftiness

Day two! Racing against the clock! Can’t you feel the adrenaline kick in? No? That’s just me? Okay.

So, there’s this: I’m in a craft group. There seems to be a lot of confusion around this concept (especially from Joann’s Fabric employees), so let me explain further. There are about seven of us…all girls as you might expect…and each month one person hosts that group at their house. That person gets to pick a craft that should be able to be completed for $10 or under, should not require a sewing machine, and can be done completely at craft night. They test it out to make sure they know how to make their craft and then we all get together and make the same craft.

I love craft group mostly because I get hang out with hilarious friends. We laugh a lot. No, really. A LOT.

So far, we’ve made:

Headbands. I made a poor choice of materials for this project (I was supposed to buy fabric but used yarn instead), so this was a fail but only because of my human error. Everyone else’s heads from the group will be cutely adorned, but mine is best left under my bathroom sink. Yes, I can’t seem to bring myself to get rid of it.

Yarn Letters. Okay. This project was my choice and it looked SO easy. Buy some letters? Buy some yarn? Wrap and done. Let me tell you, the Pinterest people probably posted this and then laughed their heads off imagining crafters trying to use it. The end project was cute, but the time spent to wrap all the letters FAR exceeded our craft time. Turns out, letters have curves and slants that yarn doesn’t really like. My bad.

Picture Tiles. This was pretty cool and totally easy. We got regular bathroom tiles from a store like Home Depot, copied photos on copier paper, and then modpodged them together. They turned out pretty awesome, if I do say so.

Wreaths. This project ranked up their pretty high because we learned how to make two kinds of fabric flowers to adorn our wreaths. Only one person in the group opted to do a yarn wrapped wreath. I think everyone else was still suffering PTSD from the second project.

Glass Etched Items. I was a little skeptical about the safety of using chemicals to ETCH something into glass, but turns out I survived this just fine and made a few cute vases in the process. Winning!

Mosaic. I was actually out of town for this one, but I hear it went swimmingly. Sometimes I feel like smashing glass, so I bet it was a big stress-relieving craft.

And tonight, we made tote bags. Lest you think we broke any of the aforementioned rules, these bags were entirely comprised of fabric, duct tape, and staples. And they are so cute!

First, we took it upon ourselves to answer this question: how many crafters does it take to cut two 18×21 pieces of fabric. Answer? Three.It was at this point of the process that I heard Ashley say to Danielle: “Danielle! You cannot cut on feelings. C’mon, cut like you mean it!” I think Ashley may have all the makings of a great crafting coach. Seriously, she could be one of the greats.

Then we used the duct tape for the bag lining. Stephanie had purchased magic scissors that were NON-STICK. She gets the MVP award because those things were awesome. We all shared them. It was somewhere near this part of the process that a few of us were waiting on the scissors, waiting to pounce when the person using them was done that someone suggested that they “throw the scissors in the middle and it will be like Hunger Games.” See what I mean about the laughing?

Before moving on to phase 2, we decided to break for birthday cake for sustenance to get us through. Forks, apparently, optional.

Our completed bags! The word on the street is that you can put books in them and everything. Duct tape: changing fashion, one tote at a time.

Me with my completed bag. I wasn’t able to get belting, so I made straps out of duct tape. It’s a long story, I’ll tell you later.


5 thoughts on “Friday Craftiness

  1. Dad says:


    Where do you come UP with this stuff! Craft Group? Really? Craft group update on blog=very funny stuff!

    Suggestion Box: Always, always show pictures of ALL crafts (except for the one where you weren’t there, of course) for your visually oriented blog followers. 🙂

    Very nice tote…making Christmas gifts are we? Hope not! Just kiddin M!
    AML, Dad

  2. Dad says:

    Oh, and one more thing…I think you and your crafty girl friends are just missing Sunday School craft time! Maybe someone can make a flannel board to teach the craft!

    AML, Dad

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