A Fiery Reality

They tell you not to yell “fire!” in a crowded theater. But that’s all I’ve wanted to yell for the past few days, no matter where I am. Of course, that urge is suppressed in concerned conversation with the people around me. And in the click of a camera button capturing the damage of western Colorado Springs. And in the tears over friends displaced and homes potentially lost. And in the active, rapt listening to the 24/7 news reports.


As the smoke descended on our city yesterday, I felt the heaviness for our city deep inside. I think about the firefighters selflessly defending our neighborhood boundaries and their sacrifice of time, sleep, and emotion. Attacking the fires as it creeps toward strangers’ homes. I picture myself in their shoes…surrounded by heat, flanked by wind that shifts the raging flames, and eager to see containment where very little exists at the moment. And my heart aches for my friends, church family, and co-workers turned out of their houses who watch the fire’s path ebb and flow with bated breath.

Those of you that know me know that I am prone to worry. And with such worrisome events on our horizon, most would think it warranted. But I’ve been so challenged these last few days to do the most effectual thing that I can: pray. Spending 15-20 minutes on my knees by my bed giving over to Him what I can’t control anyway.

I pray for the firefighters. For renewed energy, quick wits, fantastic communication with their leaders, and for their ranks to increase. I pray for positive movement and for their success.

I pray for the families that have been evacuated. For an unexplainable calm to give them peace of mind, for a safe place to sleep, and–if the Lord wills–a home for them to return to.

I pray for relatives spread far and wide who cling to the national news as their lifeline to loved ones in the area. For adequate coverage, a trust in the God who loves their family more than they do, for easy communication to confirm safety.

I pray that I would be a comfort to those around me. That I would have the right encouraging word, that I would put others above myself, that I would remember the Lord’s sovereignty in these tumultuous days…because it’s so easy for me to forget and be swept away by these circumstances.

And I pray that God would show his might with a gracious downpour of rain. Rain that would quench the fire’s thirst for land in what could only be deemed a miraculous act. But if his omnipotent and omniscient will takes a different route, I pray that the end of this fire would glorify His name in an undeniable way.

And then I have to do it all over again. I hate that my faith is so weak, but I’m grateful for a God that I can depend on. Over and over. Time after time.

For friends and family not living in Colorado Springs, I am not in immediate danger. The fire is spreading down the west side of the Springs and I live on the east side of I-25. This guarantees me a view of the destruction, but hasn’t put me in the way of it. Although, with the unpredictable nature of what has occurred thus far, anything can happen. The concern is the weather…most of the thunderstorms are not producing a significant amount of rain but they ARE producing heavy winds and that is not helpful in slowing the fiery monster down. Please pray with me for evacuees, the firefighters, helpful weather, and wisdom for those directing the incident. I never thought when I named my blog “Amy’s Colorado Adventures” that I’d be experiencing this kind of adventure. Grateful for your prayers covering this situation. – Amy


4 thoughts on “A Fiery Reality

  1. Katie Ganshert says:

    Praying for you and everyone else in Colorado Springs. Loved this post….mainly b/c I often don’t know what to pray. Other than just, “Jesus, please help. Send rain.” Not eloquent at all. I hope you don’t mind if I steal your prayers.

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