Top 2: Destined for the Finale

There weren’t very many surprises for me in last night’s episode, so I have to admit, I wasn’t sure what to write about it. So…I did what I always do when I lack inspiration. I turned to Pinterest. Turns out, there’s not much about American Idol there. This might be the only time when Pinterest has let me down, actually.

I guess I’ll just stop procrastinating and get started. If I finish this post before the end of the night, I’ve promised myself exactly three M&Ms. Nothing like a reward to keep you going!

The Top 3 Perform “Gotta Get You Into My Life” by the Beatles

If Jessica, Joshua and Phillip created a band, I’d go see that concert. They’re all worthy of their spot in the top three and this group performance (so prone to disaster!) was pretty flawless.

Ford Music Video

I largely ignore the videos now because…well…why encourage this kind of promotion? But I have to mention it today because Joshua and Jessica were the only two in the video. Where was Phillip??

Dear Ryan,

Please stop telling us that Jason Derulo needs our help to finish his song. You know what I say? Jason Derulo makes lots and lots and lots of money. Maybe he should finish his own darn song. Mkay? Thanks.

The Joshua Recap

Joshua according to Jimmy: Last night wasn’t his best showing, but it was a very good night. Jimmy felt the judges were too generous in their comments about the first song…he would not have given Joshua a standing ovation. He does think that Josh is the most exciting showman left on the show but that his rendition of “Imagine” was overdone and overly emotional. He did take the rap for not liking the last song (since he picked it!) and apologized to Joshua saying that there was not enough of a melody.

I actually think Jimmy was a little hard on Joshua, but not about “Imagine”. My opinion is that a lot of what Joshua does is overdone and overly emotional, so I was glad someone said it out loud. But I thought the last performance “No More Drama” was his best of the night.

Wait, why are we watching a promo of Ice Age?

Without warning and despite my protests, we were subjected to a few minutes of J.Lo pretending to be called by characters from Ice Age 3 who wanted to come to the finale. It seems that they were confusing her with her cartoon character.

Don’t get me wrong, I laugh every time that squirrel chases the acorn to the ends of the earth. But there are boundaries, folks. Then again, I’d rather her pretend to talk to cartoon characters than watch her dance half-naked to a song with no substative lyrics. So I guess we dodged a bullet there.

Lisa Marie Presley Performs “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet”

Grammatical issues with the title aside, I think this performance was very dull. I think I had two interesting thoughts while I endured through the whole performances:

1. I think Tim Burton did the staging and costuming. He’s probably a close personal friend.

2. Is that a bigger microphone than usual? Why can’t I see her mouth moving while she sings?

The Jessica Recap

Jessica according to Jimmy: Jessica’s first song (Mariah Carey’s “My All”) didn’t come together and neither did her second (Aerosmith’s “Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing”. Jimmy whole-heartedly believes in her talent and even said that Jessica could rightfully take the stage at the Grammys. But he also said that his pick for her wasn’t quite right because of the limited time.

Seems like Jimmy is kind of full of excuses, but at least he owns up to his errors in judgment. I’m glad he said that he wasn’t crazy about her Aerosmith song. I thought the same thing. And I agree with Jimmy about her talent level. Even though I’m rooting for Phillip, if Jessica took it all I’d be perfectly happy with that verdict.

Adam Lambert Performs “Never Close Our Eyes”

I was really excited to see that Adam was going to be on the show because I always get the best fashion ideas from him. This time, I really liked his glow in the dark nail polish. Not really on him, but on me it will be fantastic. 🙂 I was not really digging the creepy-looking eye in the background of his performance. And I thought it was surprisingly lackluster for an Adam Lambert performance. He just didn’t look like he was having fun!

The Phillip Recap

Phillip according to Jimmy: His first song (“Beggin'” by Madcon) wasn’t great, but it was also not bad. Therefore: no harm no foul. His second song (“Disease” by Matchbox 20) was as snooze-fest and wasn’t a strong enough showing for this stage of the competition. Jimmy thought the third song was Philip’s best performance ever and showed new depth that he hasn’t seen all year.

I am just not getting it…I definitely wouldn’t even put it in the top 5! Maybe I’m super crazy. You can tell me if I am…

I have no idea how many times I’ve listened to Phillip’s version of “Beggin'” since Wednesday night. But it’s a LOT. Maybe 30 times? And keep in mind that I’ve still been going to work every day and sleeping at night. His best performances this season (in my opinion) were Superstition, Hard to Handle, and this song. And I’ve downloaded more Phillip songs than any other constestant, so I guess that lets you know where my loyalties lie.

Final Results:

There were 90 million votes. And now we learn who will be gracing the finale stage.

Spot 1: Jessica Sanchez

Spot 2: Phillip Phillips

This went down exactly as I thought it should! I am sad for Joshua, because he’s mad talented. But I can’t wait to see next week’s finale and who our next American Idol is. It’s very likely that I’d buy either of their CDs, but as you know by now, that’s not really news is it?

🙂 Haddock out!


One thought on “Top 2: Destined for the Finale

  1. linda Haddock says:

    So, have you done any research on why Phillip wasn’t in the video?? Also, have you heard anything about a former American Idol that lost his recording contract?
    Love, mom

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