Top 4 Results: Hometown Bound

Last night’s results show wasn’t much to write home about, so I thought I’d go “list-y” this week. Anything you’d add to either category?

Top 5 Most Awesome Moments

  • Ryan’s pinstripe shirt. He’s so dapper. (See, J.Lo? Real men wear shirts.)
  • Ford Music Video behind-the scenes. They should have done this a long time ago, it’s ten times better than the actual Ford Music Video. Well played, Ford folks. Well played.
  • Top four’s performance of “California Dreamin'”. It’s about freaking time! That song has been in my head since Ryan announced the theme. Of all the dirty, rotten…
  • David Cook’s awesome bobble-headed guitarist. I don’t know his name, but boy was he rockin’ out!
  • The appropriate results for the evening. I was kind of worried, but it turns out that I shouldn’t have been.

Top 5 Most Awkward Moments

  • The addition of the red carpet and WITH PEOPLE behind the velvet rope lines on the stage. C’mon guys. Let’s not make this weird.
  • J.Lo’s performance. Wearing next to nothing. With shirtless guys behind her. And literally nothing of substance in the lyrics. I do not understand how she sits there and talks to contestants about emoting when she doesn’t showcase any emotion but “sexy”. And that’s not even an emotion!!!
  • Ryan’s continual rubbing salt in the wounds by reminding “America” that one contestant wasn’t going to get to do a hometown visit next week, complete with tantalizing footage of previous years. Now, now Ryan! The contestants can’t control who votes for them. Let’s soften the blow a little, okay?
  • Ryan’s trick trickery with not telling any of the contestants the results in the usual way.
  • David Cook’s lack of originality. Okay, guys, I totally like David Cook but this song was mega-lame. It was almost like some guy decided to blend all the songs David Cook has sung (they all sound the same anyway) and mesh them together. Just say no.

Jimmy’s thoughts on the Top 4

Phillip: Jimmy felt that Phillip came into his own, and it’s just the beginning for him as an artist. Phillip finally delivered with the second song. (I totally agree)

Hollie: Jimmy thought that the first song played to Hollie’s strengths. But with the second song, she wasn’t ready to sing those lyrics and be authentic about it.

Joshua: Jimmy thought that the first song was too much…it was overdone. But the second song was a piece of magic that’s rarely seen on the Idol stage. It was a captivating performance.

Jessica: Jimmy said she did a great job on the first song, but it wasn’t a good idea for her to sing it because she did too much of the “growl”. But he thought she murdered her second song.

Final Results

Jessica is in the top 3 – well deserved.

Joshua is in the top 3 – no surprise there.

Phillip is the last person in the top 3!

And Hollie leaves. But I honestly think it was her time to go. The other three contestants have been much more consistent and deserve to go forward. Now, the question is, who will be in the top two? I could see it going anywhere!

Haddock out!


One thought on “Top 4 Results: Hometown Bound

  1. Dad says:

    Thanks for the list-y post M.

    Need to comment on Jimmy’s comments more. You are the most observant observer in the universe…didn’t even notice the bobble head guitarist in David Cook’s band! Great job!

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