Top 5 Results: Premature Confetti

Well, we’re really getting down to it now, aren’t we? Next week we’ll only have 4 Idol contestants clinging to their microphones for dear life.

There’s been a certain rhythm to these results show over the seasons, so it really was jarring when Ryan announced that we’d be starting off with results. Wait, no trailer? No stupid judges banter? No scantily clad J.Lo video to premiere? No random couch discussions with Ry-Ry? Okaaay then. Off we go!

(Is it just me or did the crowd cheer louder for Carrie Underwood than for Coldplay? Just sayin’. )

It’s also worth noting that Kieren-the-light-guy is out tonight…in my head it’s because his wife went into labor, but I don’t know these people. Instead, Ryan’s “dim the lights” request is going to a guy named Matt. I wish Matt’s name was something more ethnic, but I guess I can live with that kind of disappointment.

Joshua’s Results

Wow, I’m digging Joshua’s whole look right now! That shirt looks stylish, artsy, and comfortable all at the same time. I kind of want it for myself. I’m sure I could make it into a bracelet somehow, if I search Pinterest hard enough.

Joshua according to Jimmy: At this point, he’ll be hard to beat. Jimmy felt that “Somebody to Love” was the best performance this year. (Jimmy is clearly off his rocker on this one.)

Verdict: Joshua’s safe.

[Side note: In the quest that Idol has begun to take over the world through Twitter, Ryan announced that once they got 10,000 tweets with a specific Idol-related hashtag, they would unlock an exclusive video available only at I’m only interested in being swayed to the dark side if that video tells me how to win a million dollars, okay Ryan?]

Coldplay Performs “Paradise”

Grafiti lighting! NOW THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT, AV guys!

For a big-deal band their performance was pretty laid back…some might have mistaken it for a lack of energy if they were being persnickety. (Ahem) But I’d never be that way.

Hollie and Phillip’s Results

Hollie according to Jimmy: She approached the song in the right way by paying homage to Tina Turner but not trying to be her. The second song wasn’t as magical, but Jimmy thinks she’s safe.

Phillip according to Jimmy: Phillip should be commended because most people would have quit if they suffered from the same kind of ailment that he has been dealing with. Still, Phillip performed two bland songs and has been coasting. Therefore, he should be in the bottom two.

Verdict: Hollie is in bottom two and Phillip is safe.

Carrie Underwood Performs “Blow It Away”

Carrie Underwood is such a rock star. She’s sooo gorgeous. And to be honest, her performance put Coldplay’s to shame. I do wish I could have heard her more because those verses were pretty low. Also, those were some fierce heels!

Still, her performance only earned her polite clapping from the Idol contestants. Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt since there were still a few folks waiting anxiously for their results.

Skylar and Jessica’s Results

Skylar according to Jimmy: She’s a fighter and goes for it every time she’s on stage. While her second performance was very peculiar to him, she doesn’t deserve to leave tonight. Next week she needs to find a crushing song that wins the night to get into the finale.

Jessica according to Jimmy: Jimmy loved every part of “You are so Beautiful” and though it was magnificent. But during the first song “Proud Mary”, he thought that Jessica took on Tina Turner in a dress that was too mature for her. (At this point, we had an inset of Jessica listening to Jimmy and she made a face and stuck out her tongue. Hold it together, girl!)

My question is, why is Jimmy reduced to giving fashion advice? Isn’t that how Tommy Hilfiger should be making himself useful?

Verdict: Jessica is safe, Skylar is in the bottom two!

Coldplay Performs “Heaven Is In Sight”

Coldplay’s lead singer started the song and sang much of the first verse doubled over, so that was an interesting choice. Or maybe he was having stomach pains of some sort. Maybe sympathy pains for Kieren’s wife?

I thought the vibe of this song bridged a funny gap between club song and Irish jig, but Coldplay seemed to stay on key which is more admirable than one might think.

At the end of the performance, confetti fell from the sky. I really hope that wasn’t the confetti they had earmarked for the finale! Otherwise, someone might be losing their job this week…

Final Results

Before the final results were delivered, Randy told Ryan that he thought this was the best top 5 they’ve ever had. I don’t agree, actually, but maybe it’s just because I have very little emotional connection to the remaining contestants unlike past seasons.

And, Skylar is going home. Let me tell you, I did not expect to shed a tear but Hollie’s reaction and the fact that Skylar held it together so well to perform Miranda Lamberts “Gunpowder and Lead” made me cry!

So, my prediction came true. But how often does THAT happen? I’m going to savor it while I still can.

In addition, I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who feels that Ryan is worth his weight in gold as the host of this show. You go, Ry-Ry!

Haddock out!


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