The Top 6: Combination Edition

UPDATE: I missed the boat on posting this on Thursday, so let’s do a little combo action…show and results show all for the price of one!

Well, I can honestly say that after last week’s elimination, I no longer care that much about who wins. It’s not that I don’t like the remaining contestants…I think they are all really talented. I just feel that Colton–for all his faults–was the most ORIGINAL artist, and I’m going to miss his flava’ in this competition. If I were a betting woman (and don’t worry, Mom, I’m not!), I’d put all my chips in on Phillip Phillips for the win. But as usual, Ry-Ry is right: Everyone’s at risk.

As the judges enter, J. Lo saunters to her seat wearing what I can only describe as an MC Hammer-inspired space suit. Randy, for his part, has decided to do away with subtlety all together and just wear a pin that says “Yo”. I’m not making this stuff up, guys!

Just when I was settling in and getting ready for the show, Ryan uttered the sentence “One of these kids will become music royalty.” Really, Ryan? I can see “Idol Royalty”, but it seems that the lofty title of “music royalty” should probably be held for those that have been in the music business long enough to prove it. Perhaps a group like…Queen?

You know my intense dislike for Tommy Hilfiger, but I kind of would have paid to hear his running commentary and  perspective on Queen’s style throughout that video montage. Freddie Mercury’s chest-baring singlet top is now (unfortunately) burned into my memory. Get it out! Get it OUT!

I was stoked to see that two members of the band were mentoring the contestants this week. But it turns out all we got to see the Idol-ites asking some carefully prepared questions (probably on a note card). I couldn’t get over the fact that the gray haired dude (Roger or Brian? Not sure) TOTALLY looked like Patrick Duffy’s brother. Could. Not. Get. Over. It. (“Step by step, day by day. A fresh start over…”)

Roger Taylor and Brian May Perform a Queen Medley

The stand-outs for me here were definitely Elise and Jessica. I was kind of expecting Elise to be great at rock, but Jessica really surprised me! She can totally pull this off. And boy, is this Elise’s sweet spot or what??

As soon as the beginning strains of “We are the Champions” rang through the air, I was immediately transported back to my childhood when I (with my sisters) would watch Mighty Ducks over and over again. I loved that movie! And the song was such an anthem for the team that mastered the “flying V”. 🙂

If Elise and Jessica were the champions, Hollie and Jacob were the clear underdogs. But all-in-all, a good performance by all.

Jessica Sanchez

Queen’s Pick – “Bohemian Rhapsody”

I liked the rocking section the best, though she handled both well.

  • How creepy were those floating faces of Jessica singing on the screen in the background. I’ll tell you…they were SUPER creepy. Creepster.
  • The ending of that song was fantastic! Well done, Jess (you don’t mind if I call you Jess, right?).
  • I kind of agree with the judges about the sneakers, but I do NOT agree that she can’t handle rock. The song choice might have been a little weird, but she proved she can rock out during the group performance.
  • I don’t really get why her outfit incorporated a zipper that went no where, though. Tommy’ll have to explain it to me.

Jessica’s Pick –  “Dance With My Father” by Luther Van Dross

  • Aww! Jessica’s Dad is deploying to Singapore so she dedicated the song to him.
  • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I do NOT understand how these people sing these emotional songs without crying their faces off every second. I couldn’t do it.
  • Jessica according to her fellow Idols: She has to do schoolwork. Which Phillip Phillips is convinced is a government consipracy to help her sing better. That kid. 🙂
  • The song was a stark contrast to video package that came before.
  • What gorgeous phrasing and treatment to each note!
  • I feel like there was a pitch problem with one of the notes during the power bridge, but the tender soft, breathy moments were a perfect touch.
  • I thought the fan blowing her in the face at the end was “over the top”. And what do you know! SteTy agrees. How shocking.
  • Also, Steven, just so you know, she sounds exactly like Beyonce. So you can stop saying that she sounds like noone else.

VERDICT: Jessica Sanchez was in the top three this week.

Skylar Laine

Queen’s Pick – “The Show Must Go On”

  • Wow, Ryan is really big on emphasizing the contestants’ ages tonight.
  • I honestly thought this was the best Skylar performance to date. Probably because it tended more towards pop than country.
  • The strength of her voice showed better at the beginning…and the end. The middle was a little mushy.
  • I’m pretty much done with Randy’s “gotta have it” catchphrase. If he’s so serious about it, he should make a pin that says that and wear it on his lapel next week. I’d rather read it than have to listen to it.

Skylar’s Pick –  “Tattoos on this Town” by Jason Aldean

  • Skylar according to her fellow Idols: She’s a firecracker. “She can’t stop talking or singing…that’s a known fact. You can google it.” – Phillip Phillips
  • This song showed her country comfort zone.
  • The song sounded great, but just isn’t my cup ‘o tea. Which, if you’re wondering, is either Irish Breakfast tea with sugar and milk OR Honey Vanilla Camomile. You can file that away for later, if you want.
  • P.S. – Randy, you did not invent the word “ginormous”.

VERDICT: Skylar was in the bottom three this week.

 Joshua Ledet

Queen’s Pick – “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”

  • Here’s the deal…I’m getting pretty tired of Joshua. I think he overworks every song he does.
  • At first it was impressive…and it still is in a way, but I feel like there are no dynamics to his performances. He pretty much screams everything.
  • And yet, the judges continue to give him standing ovations. I just don’t know what to do with that information.
  • Randy told Joshua that he checked everything off the list…four times. I’m not sure where the number four comes into it, but then again I’ve never been good with numbers. Apparently neither is the Dawg.
  • Just like that, Jennifer has a new favorite. Buh-bye, DeAndre.

Joshua’s Pick  – “Ready for Love” by India.Arie

  • Joshua according to his fellow Idols: He’s loud, not the neatest fellow (which, Holly, is kind of like the pot calling the kettle black!).
  • Oh. Em. Gosh! I LOVE THIS SONG. And I loved the toned-down Joshua…the vocal sounded so pure.
  • Here’s the thing, though. I just don’t think he knows how to create drama in a performance without using theatrics, screaming, and vocal runs. And that’s a shame, because I think it was a wasted opportunity for him.
  • But, it did manage to get him another standing ovation from the judges who are apparently handing them out like Saturday samples at Costco. To everyone EXCEPT the dearly departed Colton.

VERDICT: Joshua is in the top three this week.

Elise Testone

Queen’s Pick – “I Want It All”

  • YES. This is what she needs to do for all her songs.
  • Her performance sounded amazing, it all just clicked.
  • The tambourine was kind of distracting, but at least she didn’t drop it or anything.
  • And just in case we didn’t know what the lyrics were, the screen behind had it. That was thoughtful of Kieren’s friends in the AV department.
  • SteTy was taking a new phrase out for a spin. Now, rivaling “beautiful” his newest compliment is “over the top”. I think YOU’RE over the top, SteTy.
  • I think Elise is super talented but every time she opens her mouth, she does herself a disservice. Also, probably not the best strategic decision to shake the tambourine while Ryan is trying to give out your numbers. Let the people here!

Elise’s Pick – ” Bold As Love ” by Jimi Hendrix

  • Elise according to her fellow Idols: She laughs after everything she says and “She’s always pointing to a note like she’s a sniper.” – Phillip Phillips
  • I don’t like this song. There were too many lyrics and not enough melody.
  • Memorization of said lyrics was impressive, and her voice is too, but it didn’t come together.
  • Randy and J. Lo almost came to blows on what they thought of her performance.

VERDICT: Elise was in the bottom two this week.

Phillip Phillips

Queen’s Pick – “Fat Bottom Girls”

  • Phil Phil nixed the guitar this week, which I think is a good move.
  • Those background vocalists were AMAZING, but Phillip got a little bit drowned out.
  • Hmm, seems that a ccapella sections are big tonight.
  • Phillip’s Tone and pitch was good, so that makes for a nice performance. Still, it wasn’t my favorite.

Randy agreed with me and said that he “wasn’t jumping up and down” for this performance. And Ryan, lickety split!, called RaJax on it by saying that Randy’s never jumped up and down in the 11 years he’s been on the show. Take THAT, Randy!

Phillip Phillips – “The Stone” by Dave Matthews

  • Phillip according to his fellow Idols – He’s sarcastic. (No, really??) 🙂 and he’s really handsome, but when he sings it’s not attractive. [This statement was accompanied by some pretty fantastic impersonations of PP. They were brilliant and made me laugh.]
  • Love the fiddle. The song did fit Phillip like a glove.
  • I know this is going to sound weird, but the performance was too calm.
  • Also, the melody of this song was weird. I don’t really love it.
  • The musicians were brilliant, though.
  • I felt like this song was anti-climatic. But it doesn’t look as though Ry-Ry’s girlfriend agrees with me.

Hollie Cavanagh

Queen’s Pick  – “Save Me”

  • The sound you just heard was the show’s momentum coming to a screeching halt.
  • I found this performance boring. But she did look looser, so she’s got that going for her. Which is more than I can say about a lot of her performances.
  • I’m not sure what J. Lo is talking about half the time.
  • Jimmy Iovine said the title of this song was a subconscious plea to the American public.

Hollie’s Pick – ” The Climb ” by Miley Cyrus

  • Hollie according to her fellow Idols: She’s Skylar’s bestie (wait! I thought Joshua was her BFF?). She talks funny.
  • I must say this “artist’s pick” section of trying to remember the name and artist of each song (since Ryan isn’t looping us in) is kind of like a fun game. I got all but Skylar’s. Not a big fan of Jason Aldean, as you might expect.
  • I like that she changed it up slightly at the end. Otherwise, it was pretty generic.
  • Annnd, another standing ovation from the judges (but Hollie was cute so it wasn’t so annoying).

VERDICT: Hollie was in the bottom two.

A few things from the results show

This edition of “The Couch” featured a visit to TMZ where the contestants learned the following VERY USEFUL information:

  • Colton & Skylar ARE NOT DATING. I do not get how this rumor got started.
  • There’s a lot of messy rooms all up in the Idol mansion.
  • Be careful of what you put on YouTube, it could come back to haunt you.

[Side note: CASEY(!!!) joined Ryan on stage to give some advice about touring with American Idol. It was “watch out for pranks” but I could barely hear him because his hair was shouting so loud. Whoa hair, Casey. We get that you’re bluesy and artistic, but there’s no need to become a mountain man. Grooming is important.]

Stefano Langone Performed “I’m On a Roll”

Four quick thoughts that ran through my head:

1. “Oh, old squinty eyes!”

2. Stefano is good at what he does…the performance had tons of energy.

3. The verses were too low and he sounded out of breath.

4. The dancing was awesome! And Stefano kept up. Good for him.

Katy Perry Performed “Part of Me”

The sound-bytes before I started reaching for my remote to fast-forward…

  • At least her outfit is relatively modest.
  • Interesting army theme. Very G.I. Jane.
  • That chorus had to have been lip-synced.
  • It must be hard to sing with all of that dry ice on stage.
  • This girl rocked her purple hair.

Final Results

Elise was voted off. I can’t say I’m surprised…well, I guess I can but I’m more surprised that she lasted this long. Hollie’s voice isn’t as good as Elise’s, but she’s got more of a likeability factor.

Were you surprised? Do you think anyone but Phillip Phillips will take home the crown this year?


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