And Then There Were 7

Whoops! Sorry, guys. I had today off from work since it is Good Friday, and apparently any little difference to my schedule makes me block out everything that I normally do! Well, not everything. I did manage to take a shower, do my hair, put on my make-up, and avoid the piles of clothes on my floor…same as almost every other day. But I forgot to post about last night’s episode and as my punishment, I’ll listen to a Jacob Lusk song over and over again with no reprieve. The punishment must fit the crime, after all.

At the top of the show, Ryan singled Joshua out and asked if he was feeling okay. Joshua said no and went on to explain that when he stands up he “kind of” blacks out. I’m not sure how someone “kind of” blacks out, but Ryan took this statement at face value and proceeded to question young Joshua asking if he’s was going to faint. Joshua responded by saying that he hopes he doesn’t on national television. As Ryan prepared to take his spot behind the teensy, tiny table of results, he told Joshua to let him know if needs anything.

Huh? Something seems very wrong with this picture, right? Is that just me? It’s like they are saying: “Listen, viewers, we’re putting the show above the health of the contestants but we’re going to try to distract you from that fact by showing you how awesome and nice and accommodating and compassionate we are.” I hope there was at least a doctor standing by.

(P.S. – I’m sure this conversation wasn’t staged atall.)

I have been crossing the days off of my calendar and now this day has FINALLY come. What, you ask? Why, the world premiere of the “Dance Again” music video by J. Lo!!!

[Cough] Psych! I have little to know idea what Ryan was getting at when he asked Jennifer about her chemistry with the video co-star. I also did not see the “great message” of the song like J.Lo promised us. What I did see was a lot of hair, a lot of skin, and a lot of scandelousness. Not to sound old-fashioned but how is this appropriate for a family show? Seriously, people. Put your clothes on.

Joshua and Jessica Results

Joshua according to Jimmy: Joshua is comfortable and looks like a pro. Tens all around. [True. Now if only he can connect with the audience in those intro videos, he’s got a fighting chance! That is, if he doesn’t become a victim of medical negligence this week…]

Jessica according to Jimmy: Jessica was singing a song without enough horsepower. Needs to pick a better song next week. [I pretty much agree with him here, too, but I she still rocked it out this week. I don’t agree that Skylar outsang her.]

And, they’re both safe! But what was even more awesome is that Joshua managed to make it through without crumpling on stage. Hang in there, Ledet!

The Wanted Performs “Glad You Came”

Wait, are boy bands back? Where have I been?! For the duration of the song, we saw typical NSYNC/Backstreet Boys/98 Degrees-type behavior. I guess Bieber fever had to die out at some point. I wasn’t blown away by their vocal talent, but then again, that’s not really the point of these kinds of songs. 🙂

The song was peppy, teen girl swoon-worthy, and there was a surprising lack of hair product (as far as I could tell). All-in-all, entertaining.

Skylar, Colton, Hollie, and DeAndre Results

Skylar according to Jimmy: She went from the bottom to the top. She could win the whole thing. [I don’t really think she’ll win, but I like Skylar as a person and since country music lovers aren’t going anywhere, I’m not going to make a federal case out of it.]

Oh, and also: Hey Jimmy? I don’t think it’s all about you. I don’t think that just because you said Jessica and Hollie were the powerhouse singers that Skylar decided to prove you wrong. Okay? Okay. Good talk.

Colton according to Jimmy: He was good but not great. [This is almost exactly what Jimmy said last week. I think he kind of hates him. I mostly just hate that I can’t buy his single without purchasing every song from this week. BOO!]

Hollie according to Jimmy: She approaching this like a high school performance. She’ll likely be in the bottom 2. [Hard to disagree that she had a rough week, but I’m not sure what high school has to do with it.]

DeAndre according to Jimmy: Jimmy disagrees with the judges. He wasn’t great and he needs to grow at a much faster rate. He was the weakest. [I’ve never wanted to give Jimmy a hug before, but I did tonight. Thank GOODNESS someone is around to keep these judges honest. And I’m starting to really doubt J.Lo’s judgement.]

DeAndre in the bottom three. I may have screamed “YES!” and then felt really bad when I saw his family crying. It’s okay, family! He’ll go on tour. There’s plenty of hair swishing opportunities in his future! Hollie is also in the bottom three after a reassuring comment from her long-time roommie Skylar.

Kellie Pickler Performs “Where Is Tammy Wynette?”

Kellie is always entertaining, but I couldn’t believe how much older she looked. I guess that’s what marriage does to a person. (Just kidding!) The song was perfectly fine–not really my cup of tea, but not a disaster either. The good news is that if she happens to trip on stage and hurt her arm, that shirt could double as a sling.

Since we didn’t get much time with Kellie, here’s a little video to remind you of what we missed out on:

Phillip and Elise Results

Phillip according to Jimmy: This was Phillip’s worst performance so far…it was a safe song choice. He needs to be pushed so he can be the best version of himself that he can be. [I love Phillip, but I think his continual flouting of the advice of seasoned professionals is kind of getting ridiculous. I mean, there’s no need to do everything they say, but there’s no reason to ignore it out of hand! These people do this PROFESSIONALLY, and no artist is an island. All that to say, I think Jimmy is right.]

Elise according to Jimmy: Jimmy said it was the right song. She choked. Could go from the top to the bottom. [Nope. It was the wrong song choice.]

Elise is in the bottom three.


Hollie is safe!

Elise is safe!

My first thought (sorry, Mom and Dad!) was “Crap! They are totally going to save him. Otherwise, he’s GONE. Oh, I would be so happy.” And then when Jennifer got outvoted, I raised both hands in thankfulness and heard the Hallelujah chorus explode in my head (does that ever happen to you?). Bless you Randy and Steven! Just, bless you.

The rest of this competition ought to be fairly pleasant now! Who’s excited? This girl!

Haddock out!


3 thoughts on “And Then There Were 7

  1. amy says:

    HAAAAALlelUjah, hallelujah, hallelujah!!!!!! And let me know if you ever figure out the “great message” from J Lo’s video… I fast forwarded through it.

  2. Linda Haddock says:

    I totally am overjoyed that Deandre is gone!! Hallelujah, Amen!! I am also starting to question J. Lo’s judgments.
    Just wanted to let you know that even though I am not totally up on all the stars and their current dating situations, I do have a job and occassionally I overhear one of my co-workers as to the latest info. I believe I heard one of them say J. Lo is dating one of her backup dancers which I assume is the one in the video. It has been rumored that they got married. But I totally agree with you that it was not the type of video that should be aired during primetime and it was quite racy as Ryan stated. Probaby more suited for one of those channels you have to pay extra for.
    Love you,

  3. Susan says:

    So, first things first… Several times in my life I have experienced what would best be described as “blacking out a little bit” when I stood up. Picture you’re doing some photoshopping and you decrease the brightness and color by about 50%… except it’s in real life and that’s what you actually see. Kinda bizarre.
    Finally, hurrah! Another Ellen clip 🙂 I totally get the best of everything reading your summaries rather than watching it for myself. For instance, I won’t be scandalized by some non-family-appropriate video… Sadly, you were… Sorry, Aimster 😦

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