I’m Not Jumping on the Twitter train…and Top 9 Results

This week was a real treat for me because instead of watching the show in my blue recliner by myself when I should be going to bed, I got to watch it with my parents in West Virginia. While I like just spending time with them in general, watching Idol with them also gives me a unique perspective because they know things that I don’t (shocking, right??). Here’s a few things I learned this week from Parent University 101:

  • Mom told me that SteTy always has something on his microphone, especially when he sings with Aerosmith. Mystery solved!
  • Dad told me that Stevie Nicks was the lead singer of Fleetwood Mac. It’s good that Dad told me because I’m sure I would have made a fool out of myself in conversation sometime…he’s always looking out for me.

A few quick observations before we get to the results:

  • It looks like J.Lo has a part in the new Star Trek movie. Or at least her outfit does…Beam her up, Scotty!
  • Ryan is lookin’ comfortable on stage as he announces that Aerosmith is going on tour. Whoopee.
  • Never thought I’d hear Scotty McCreery and Nicki Minaj in the same breath. Could there be two more different people/performers?
  • STOP IT with the Twitter already! Okay, so just for you Jonathan, here’s the deal with me and Twitter. I can respect it. It’s a social media powerhouse! But for me, it feels very limiting. 144 characters? Um, I don’t know if you’ve read my posts but brevity is not my forte. 🙂 Plus, Facebook just seems more representative of a person by showing pictures, videos, etc. I think it’s just a preference thing. But what bugs me is that all the shows are pushing Twitter. It makes me feel very ostracized. And NO ONE likes to be rejected.
  • Mariah, Lifehouse, and Carrie all commented favorably on their Idol contestant’s performances via Twitter. Eric Benet took the opportunity to get some free publicity. Smart dude!
  • Dear Ford, adding a badge to the music video is not going to make me want to watch it more OR buy a ford. Sincerely, Amy.


Anyone else notice that Ryan is not only still using that super teensy tiny table, he’s also utilizing a paper weight to keep his cards from flying away. You know those breezes on the Idol stage…

Elise according to Jimmy: “She took charge of the stage/band.” I couldn’t agree more! And she was rewarded with a comfy seat in the safe zone. Good for you, Elise! I’m contemplating doubling down on your chances. (Who are we kidding? I have no idea what that means.)

#telljimmy – STOP! IT!

Phillip according to Jimmy: “Stevie loves Phillip and Stevie is rarely wrong about artists. We’re all witnessing a big star being born…he was flawless.” Why does Phil Phil always look like he just rolled out of bed? His hair is always ruffled in that devil-may-care kind of way. But Stevie and Jimmy are right – his talent is unmistakable.

Hollie according to Jimmy: “She lacks experience and can be too intellectual. Doesn’t perform with enough soul.”

And Hollie lands in our bottom 3.

Nicki Minaj Performs Starships

I know very little about Nicki Minaj. Basically, all I know about her is this:

She started her performance by exiting a pink Sponge Bob ship. At least that’s what it looked like. And while I applaud the color choice, the whole thing was pretty odd and Peptol Bismol-y for me. I’ll tell you what, though. That outfit? Rainbow Bright and the Little Mermaid must have collaborated on that one. For reals.

The chick was definitely lip syncing, which I think is kind of lame. It’s funny to me that the contestants got these elaborate stage set-ups last night and Nicki Minaj just added glitter to the stage and called it good. I did like her pink microphone, of course. But if they make her a guest judge, I might have to smack her over the head with it. Which would result in a restraining order. Which means that I’d be in the “system”. And I think we can all agree that I wouldn’t last long there.


Colton according to Jimmy: “Colton was good but not good enough last night.” Jimmy slammed him for not having enough poise and breaking down on stage. I think I’ve said all that I’m going to say about Colton this week, except to say that I think he deserves to stay.

Joshua according to Jimmy: “He delivered 85% of his performance and his voice closed with he cried. But he killed the MJ medley.” Gotta agree.

Heejun according to Jimmy: “Heejun doesn’t sings as well as the other 8 contestants.” Well, that’s premonition-y.

QOTN (1 of 2): “It should be ‘harshtag’ not ‘hashtag’ telljimmy” – Ryan Seacrest

And Heejun joins Hollie in the bottom 3.

Scotty McCreery Performs “Watertower Town”

It must say, it’s not often that you see a drummer sporting a tie. Loving that! This song was catchy and I really liked the feeling of it. It actually reminded me of Friday Night Lights…sigh. I wish Eric Taylor would be my life coach.

Ryan didn’t hesitate to mock Scotty for his “Baby lock them doors” days. Nice, Ry-Ry!

QOTN (2 of 2) “Jimmy Iovine is going to take a moment from being diabolical…” – Ryan Seacrest

And just like that, our deep voiced winner from season 10 is a platinum-selling artist. And he managed to do it without getting me to buy a single one. Nicely done, McCreery!


Skylar according to Jimmy: “She needs more of a melody song. She’ll be middle of the pack this week.”

DeAndre according to Jimmy: For the record, I hated even the playback of DeAndre’s performance last night. I had to curb the desire to stick my fingers in my ears and yell at the top of my lungs until the thing was over. Oh, right. Back to Jimmy: “He’ll be right in the middle this week…there is something missing. DeAndre needs experience and his falsetto is polarizing.” YES. RIGHT!

Jessica according to Jimmy- “Typically, younger girls vote for guys on the show and we’ve seen it the past few seasons. We need girl power to propel Jessica into her deserved place in the competition. Jessica seems to have more experience than she does.”  Yes. And, the silver pants rock my face off.

And Skylar makes it to the bottom 3 while DeAndre, against my STRONG objections, floats to safety. And takes all his hair with him.


Skylar is safe. Hollie is safe. And no way in heck is Heejun is getting the judges’ save, which he seems to realize. I think he did a better job with his song in this performance than the one last night. I’ll miss the humor he brought to the show. But the knowledge that Idol would have probably continued to suck the fun from his life? I kind of fell like this was merciful for Heejun. And you gotta know, he’s going to have a rockin’ time on tour.

What shocked me tonight was not the results…I was actually okay with them, though I would have preferred that a certain curly-headed chap gone home first. It was actually how little of an emotional tie I have to any of the contestants at this point in the competition. I’m not sure if I just need a therapist, or if this is a wider problem.

But, you know I’ll still be back next week to analyze them all to death anyways. And NOT in 144 characters. (So there!)

Haddock out!


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