Hilfiger Schmilfiger

Sorry, guys! This week is one of those weeks where life interferes with TV. The nerve of it!! Sheesh. 🙂

Just a few thoughts from Wednesday’s show, even though it was SO two days ago.

Tommy Hilfiger is the most ridiculous person ever. Okay, he has some…how do you say…influence in the fashion industry. And he’s clearly created some iconic clothes. But seriously? American Idol producers? You’re going to have to find a better way of competing with “The Voice” than that! Tommy, bless his heart, seems to operate from the presupposition that in order to win American Idol, you have to wear clothes that make you LOOK like a star.

I think to win American Idol, you have to SOUND like a star. I’m sorry, but didn’t Scotty basically wear western shirts, jeans, and cowboy boots throughout the entire competition last year? And I do NOT recall Taylor Hicks being on the cutting edge of the fashion. Sure, Kelly and Carrie are fashionable NOW, but they weren’t really back then. Part of the reason we love the show is because we can relate to the contestants. We know they are undiscovered, raw talent and that’s why we want to root for them so badly! And since Phillip Phillips lives to sing another day, despite his gray on gray ensemble, I think we can chalk this up into the “Amy’s Right” column. If I have to listen to this guy babble nonsensically for the next 80,0000 weeks, I might just start to mute him.

I discovered something on Wednesday. I learned that I’m not really a Billy Joel fan. I know, I’m shocking. But I found the vast majority of the songs performed to be boring. *Ducking so as to avoid piercing, accusing glances.

Why did SteTy have flowers wrapped around his microphone but none of the other judges did? I suppose this will be one of life’s great mysteries.

When will Ryan learn not to let family members/friends on stage? This never turns out well. Awk to the Ward. Now that poor student of Elise’s has to live with the fact that her 10 minutes of fame are over and all she has to show for it is a forehead slapping moment. *Crickets.

My top two favorite performances:

Favorite girl performance of the night is going to have to go to Elise. Shocking, right? But I feel like she nailed it, showed off her vocal chops, and made me thoroughly love that song although clearly, that was the last thing I wanted to do.

Favorite guy performance of the night actually goes to Colton for his performance of “Piano Man” on that swanky red piano. I felt the emotion, loved the arrangement, and dug his voice. And if it means I can disagree with Tommy again…loved his hair.

My two least favorite performances:

You know I love her, but the worst performance of the night girl-wise had to have been Hollie. Oh, those pitch problems! Yikes-a-mola. Cringe city. I do NOT understand how that outfit was supposed to make her look younger. She just looked like a different kind of old! Seriously, guys. And also, when did her accent get to be so strong? I feel like she sounded perfectly normal all the way up until now.

My least favorite performance of the night from the guy’s side would have to be DeAndre. He just didn’t sell it (even though his voice sounded great) and his bouncy stepping will henceforth not be allowed. He needs to learn a new move.

The “I’m-pulling-for-you-so-get-your-act-together” club:

Phillip Phillips – Perfectly good performance, I just expected more from him. I wanted to see some variety and for him to use the song as more of a canvas, but I feel like this was just status quo and I need more.

Joshua Ledet – What happened? Joshua is like the turtle that heard a loud noise and completely retreated into his shell. I wonder what’s going on with him? Of course he’s got a killer voice, and did a fine rendition of his song. But there was no gumption to it. Oh, Joshua…stay with me! Don’t lose steam this early on!

At the end of the day, though, “America” ousted Erika Van Pelt and her new haircut too (which, btw, I didn’t find flattering. And if I never hear Tommy Hilfiger talk about skulls for the rest of my life, it’ll be too soon.)

Next week I’ll be with my parents, so you better believe I’ll do a better job of posting. What were your thoughts on this week’s American Idol fest?

Haddock out!


One thought on “Hilfiger Schmilfiger

  1. amy says:

    Oh my goodness… those songs were TOTALLY boring! I like Uptown Girls as much as the next guy, but I don’t want to hear it on American Idol (not that we did, I don’t think). I want to know what you thought of Heejun. As much as I love him I kinda think he was off the mark and borderline disrespectful… i was so uncomfortable watching it!

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