Top 10: Tour Bound

Let’s all just start with a moment of silence for poor Randy Jackson. He’s never going to win the battle of the magazine covers with Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez on the same panel. Ready? Go.

[Insert silence here.]

Okay, now I’d heard rumblings that Tommy Hilfiger was going to be involved with Idol this year in some way or another, but I’m confused about the timing. Why wouldn’t they have announced this and started with the top 13? But, if Tommy wants to “make a difference” by clothing contestants on a reality singing competition, who am I to stand in his way? At the minimum, at least this will provide us with some variety this season. I say, polo shirts all around!

I’m not crazy, right? They have not mentioned a single thing about the “judges’ save” until this episode. I feel a little bit like when I’m playing a new board game with people and we start playing and THEN they start remembering random rules and throwing them out as we go. I’m hesitant to put more power in the judges’ hands until they’ve proven that they won’t be stupid with it. But, they did save Casey last year, so I suppose I should cut them a bit of slack.

The fates of Phillip Phillips, Joshua Ledet, Skylar Laine, and Elise Testone

Phillip Phillips

– Jimmy’s bottom line: He’s rooting for Phillip. [Me too, Jimmy. Me too.]

Skylar Laine

Jimmy’s bottom line: She can do better than this week’s performance, but she should be safe.

Elise Testone

Jimmy’s bottom line: Found her performance captivating…she should be safe.

Joshua Ledet

Jimmy’s bottom line: Joshua had a big moment this week and therefore everyone should eat crawfish before they sing.

As Ryan gave the results, when Phillip got through J. Lo started clapping like a seal. Calm down, J.Lo. Phil Phil’s not going anywhere for a little while.

Results —> Elise in the bottom 3

Demi Lovato performs “Give Your Heart a Break”

Wow, she’s almost unrecognizable with her hair and outfit. She had a few bobbles on pitch, or maybe that was her vibrato. But she can whip her hair around with the best of ’em.

The fates of DeAndre Brackensick, Colton Dixon, Shannon Magrane, and Jessica Sanchez

DeAndre Brackensick

Jimmy’s bottom line: Jimmy passed the buck on the song choice back to DeAndre. [Uncool, Jimmy! Uncool.]

Colton Dixon

Jimmy’s bottom line: Randy needs to make up his mind if the song choice matters or not [You’re just now realizing that Randy contradicts himself?! I’ll refer you to…the last 10 seasons.].  Colton will be in the middle of the pack this week.

Shannon Magrane

Jimmy’s bottom line: She pushed too hard this week, but has extraordinary potential.

Jessica Sanchez

Jimmy’s bottom line: Supported her in doing an up-tempo song but the judges were right to nail her on tempo [I still do not get the issue here. Maybe it’s just me.] She’s not going home any time soon.

[Side note: I’m not sure what it is, but Ryan really likes to mess with Colton during results shows.]

—-> Shannon in the bottom 3

Daughtry Performs “Outta My Head” from his new album Break the Spell

It’s so great to see Chris Daughtry back on the Idol stage…I know it’s a new stage than the one he stood on, but does that really matter? We’re talking symbolism here, people.

He’s really seasoned and more settled into his sound. I liked it when he finally took the microphone off the stand…I couldn’t see his face before that.

I thought the song was cool and had super fun energy. Plus, he’s got some awesome instrumentalists in his band!

I know he’s “made it” and no longer needs my loving but well-intentioned critiques but…well, that’s never stopped me before. If I could change one thing, I’d tell him to play to the audience. So much of his performance showed only his profile the whole time. And that’s fine, but I just didn’t feel as drawn in. I kept wondering what he was looking at.

The fates of Holly Cavanagh, Heejun Han, and Erika Van Pelt, 

Holly Cavanagh

Jimmy’s bottom line: Holly got straight A’s last night but needs a new wardrobe consultant…he thought the dress they put her in last night was too old-looking. [My Dad actually emailed me this morning and asked if, because I liked the dress and said so in my previous post, that meant that I was getting old. And with my birthday right around the corner, I’m still reeling from the low blow. (Just kiddin’! :))

I still love the dress and I stand by my comment. I can see why it would be a little too much for Hollie since she’s so young, but luckily Mr. Hilfiger is in the waiting in the wings.]

Heejun Han

Jimmy’s bottom line: He needs to get some tempo into his song choices. [I completely agree. How ’bout you help him with that, eh?]

Erika Van Pelt

Jimmy’s bottom line: Erika fell into the “over singing” trap last night.

Results —-> Erika is in the bottom 3.

Hmmm, the bottom three contestants are all girls. A girl winner is not looking good for this season, based on this trend. But that got me to thinking…can I name all the winners of American Idol, in order of their win? And when DID the last girl win? So, while I was driving home from choir last night I searched the recesses of my memory and was able to successfully name them all! (Full disclosure: I forgot Fantasia in my first attempt. Whoops. )

Awww, Heejun and Phillip are buddies! That’s cute.

Results —-> Shannon singing for her life didn’t yield a judges’ save. Which, at the end of the day, I think was the right call.

See you next week!

Haddock out.


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