It’s “Dim the Lights” time…here we go!

So, my week at work was really super packed. It was one of those times when you hit Wednesday, you feel like you’ve done a week’s worth of work already. Late nights, a few tears, but a lot of exciting things, too, so I can’t complain too much.

My to do list took on a little different shape this week. In the turmultuous seas of a busy and hectic work life, lists anchor me down. They help me feel like each item I have to do is concrete, instead of little buzzing task that either settles in the pit of my stomach or makes me crazy swatting at it without actually accomplishing anything. If that makes any sense at all. Usually I have titles to categorize my tasks: urgent, more important, kind of important, keep on radar. This week, I had different titles. Three to be exact:

1. Things that are stressing me out and if I can get them done I’ll actually be able to relax this weekend.

2. Things that aren’t stressing me out, but probably should be.

3. Things that involve no stress, but still need to get done eventually.

I’m not sure if it was the new system or the driving motivation of having to stay late for the rest of my life, but I got everything done in the first category between yesterday and today! Yippee!

It left me free to do important things tonight. Like get my hair cut, download music, and pin things I’ll never be able to afford on Pinterest. Good times.

In the midst of these all-consuming and HIGHLY priority tasks, I completely forgot to finish up my blog! Whoops. Sorry ’bout that.

But, since the word of the day is “list”, here’s one for you. Enjoy!

My Favorite Observations:

  • The only thing Randy’s outfit was missing was a beany hat with a propeller on it.
  • The group performance: Hollie got the best outfit award! Heejun has some dancing skills!! (And did a better job in this song than he has since Vegas week.)
  • What is it with Elise’s love affair with the hats?
  • Ford Music videos. Really, we’re doing this still? P.S. I have no more interest in owning a Ford than I ever have. For the record.
  • Lauren Alaina got blond, skinny and…stompy. She had a lot of confidence, even when her in-ear monitors started swinging around threatening to decapitate her.
  • Phillip Phillps sick?! I’m sending him a box of Emergen-C tonight, so he can be at his best next week.
  • The moment when Ryan sent Erika and Joshua to the safety couches…talk about a delayed reaction!
  • Pretty satisfied about the bottom 4 (Shannon, Elise, Jermaine, Jeremy). But in my opinion, Joshua should NOT have been sitting in one of those stools.
  • The judges made the right decision to keep Elise and send Jeremy home. Jeremy didn’t crack the top 13 via America’s vote and Elise did, so that’s the only choice they could have made. Elise better get herself together, though.
  • Best improvement of the season? The lack of a swan song from the ousted! contestant! Well done, Nigel. Well done.

And there we have it! The first real results show is behind us and we have many more of these could-be-half-an-hour-long-but-Idol-makes-its-own-rules-and-makes-us-watch-stupid-Ford-music-videos shows to come. How stoked are you?

In parting, here’s my current favorite commercial:

Haddock out!


2 thoughts on “It’s “Dim the Lights” time…here we go!

  1. Katie Ganshert says:

    Stress should be illegal, don’t you think? Sorry you had a stressful week, but yay for tackling numero uno on your list! And yay for haircuts and Pinterest! And can I just say? I love Ellen. She’s hilarious.

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