Top 13: Drama Edition

In this chapter of our “Idol Journey”, you’ll find:

  • A return of the silver stools. Those canNOT be comfortable. This time, the silver stools were a sign of making the top 13, so I may have to rethink my “silver stools of rejection” title. Darn you, American Idol Producers!
  • A realization that people in the audience still can’t come up with more clever signs than “Walk this way, Steven Tyler!”
  • A newfound curiousity in the reason and purpose of Jimmy Iovine’s baseball cap.
  • Our! Top! 13!

I feel it’s important that I tell you that there were 33 million votes cast, and mine were 50 of them. I completely missed out on voting for the guys, but I split my 50 online votes between Hallie Day, Jessica Sanchez, and Elise Testone. Speaking of Elise, someone should have talked her out of that hat.

At the beginning of the show, I was excited that the judges each had a wild card pick. At the end of the show, I was cursing that fact. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

So, Ryan promised me drama in this edition of our “Idol Journey”, and I admit that there were some moments when I gesticulated wildly at my television whilst hurtling vicious rhetoric its direction. Let’s dive into the madness, shall we?

Round 1

Chase, Phillip, and Jeremy were called up first. Chase got a round of applause from the audience for looking composed…really, guys? But, okay.

Jimmy’s take (He’s really sticking with this baseball cap thing, huh?):

Didn’t make it into the top 10:

  • Jeremy – Jeremy has the nicest voice and gets the award for the nicest person but might need more, not making the cut. [I’m just glad he didn’t insert the totally obvious “nice guys finish last” comment in his statement.]
  • Chase – He’s good-looking , but there’s lots of those on TV. Got to bring something fresh, original, exciting. He saw none of that. [He’s not good-looking.]

Winner, winner chicken dinner!:

  • Phillip – Desperately need originality on this show. Phil has it and he’s believable. “He’s on the spot”, (whatever that means).

[TEAM PHILLIP PHILLPS! Good call, America!]

Round 2

Jimmy’s take:

Didn’t make it into the top 10:

Brielle – Lot of charisma, real entertainer, but questioned why pick this song and not something young and contemporary. [Who cares, Jimmy? Stop trying to get young contestants to exclusively sing Miley Cyrus songs, mmkay?]

Hallie –  Best show so far, really poised, restraint, great tone, but there are lots of blondes in the competition. [Nothing gets past you, eh Jimmy?]

Winner, winner chicken dinner!:

Hollie –  Little girl, big voice, could have been more believable, but could do some damage in this competition. [YEAH, she will! Wooohoooo!]

Jessica – She’s got talent from A-Z, he’d sign her on the spot. She’s the one to beat.[Sheesh! Nothing like a ringing endorsement to pile on the pressure, eh?]

Round 3

Jimmy’s take:

Didn’t make it into the top 10:

Adam – Supposedly he has a large black woman trapped in a white body, so far he’s not pulling off both at the same time, needs to merge them. [If Adam wants to be on TV in the future, he really needs to learn the value of a sound byte. The answer he gave Ry-Ry was incredibly rambling and made me feel awkward.]

Winner, winner chicken dinner!:

Joshua – He’s the real deal, great on the show, no question that he’s getting through, looking forward to working with him, going to make sure it doesn’t turn into Sister Act 3. [Hey! Sister Act 3 would be a great thing to have in the world, Jimmy. Don’t knock it or I’ll knock you.]

Heejun – Heejun confuses him. He has sort of good voice, but this isn’t American Comedian…it’s American Idol.[Thanks for that clarification, Jimmy. Just because someone has a sense of humor, doesn’t mean they can’t sing. Case in point: Casey Abrams. James Durbin. Etc. SO excited that my little Heejun made it through. Sorry, Dad!]

Dear Heejun was awarded with my coveted Quote of the Night (QOTN): “Judges didn’t like the song choice, of course. Who knows what’s going to happen, My dads’ the only hope at this point because he has twenty cell phones and he knows how to dial. Hopefully.” It made me laugh out loud. No, seriously. I was LOL’ing.

[I just noticed the heart monitor thing in the background. Way to take it one step too far, Idol.]

Round 4

Jimmy’s take:

Didn’t make it into the top 10:

Bailey – She has all the pieces (beautiful girl, nice tone)…he thinks out of tune=out of here.[Thank goodness. I don’t think I could have taken more than one week.]

Chelsea – Really nice voice, not original enough, no one needs Carrie Underwood kareoke on this show, thinks she’s in trouble tonight. [I agree.]

Winner, winner chicken dinner!:

Skylar – She did a great favor to herself by picking that song, blends soul and country a great formula for rock and roll, judges love her, brought charisma and stage presence, he would vote for her and so will the country. [I really do love her, even though I’d never buy her CD. She’ll be a fun one to watch this year…I think she’ll add a lot of pizazz to the group.]

Shannon – Jimmy likes her, she has a really good voice, poise, sang beautifully, but she was dressed for the prom and needs some help with styling! Nevertheless, he thinks she’ll do well. [I think Jimmy might be reading my blog…]

Round 5

Jimmy’s take:

Didn’t make it into the top 10:

Aaron – Jimmy though it was cheesy, the performance didn’t work for him.

Creighton – He has an interesting voice but thought the top end was screechy and annoyed him. Judges loved him, Jimmy didn’t. [Boo on you, Jimmy! I was really surprised not to see Creighton crack the top 10!]

Reed – Jimmy thought he was real talented, but way too kitschy, never going to make it like that. [Chalk another one up for Jimmy Iovine. It’s like he’s in the business or something. I was kind of shocked about Reed not making the cut.]

Round 6

Jimmy’s take:

Didn’t make it into the top 10:

Erika –  Likes her, music in her blood, very natural, great restraint. [Eh.]

Haley – Jimmy felt that he could overlook the fact that she sang the whole song out of tune (what?), but robotic mimicking is where he draws the line (what?). [I mean, I agree that she shouldn’t be in the top 13, but Jimmy made no sense there.]

JenIf she stays, she needs to keep clear of Adele. [I think this goes for everyone. Let’s try a different artist, folks.]

Winner, winner chicken dinner!:

Elise – The judges like her, Jimmy agrees with them, would like to hear her sing her own material/custom songs (has he seen this show before?!). Thought she had a lot of character, she brought something to the Adele song but she needs to stop pushing so hard. [And stop wearing stupid hats.]

Round 7

Jimmy’s take:

Didn’t make it into the top 10:

DeAndre – DeAndre has enormous potential, but he needs a coach NOW. He wasn’t ready for the song he sang on Tuesday. [I agree with everything except the first part.]

Eben – Thought he was really talented with lots of potential. Not ready for prime time, singing a song that’s too mature. He thinks Nigel should change the rules so they can bring him back later when he’s more ready. [Can it be? Has America finally wised up? HAPPY DANCE. HAPPY DANCE. HAPPY DANCE. HALLELUJAH CHORUS.]

Winner, winner chicken dinner!:

Colton – Colton is one of the most talented guys in the competition, but shouldn’t do too much too soon (i.e. jumping on the piano like the Durbs). Jimmy thinks he needs to pace himself and he could win it all. [I could have done without Ryan’s fake-out. Thanks a lot, dude. Should I send the cardiac arrest medical bills your way, then?]

Jermaine – He’s glad the judges brought him back, he could listen to a whole album of that voice. Now he just needs to figure out how to get him through the show…needs variety, creativity, and excitement. [I wasn’t expecting this response from Jimmy. I agree with the fact that Jermaine needs those things, though.]

Wild Card

AKA the heartbreak round and night of a thousand (J.Lo) tears.

Candidates for the Judges:

  • Jen Hirsh – Jen’s rendition of the Adele song was passionate and well-executed. I think they should have put her through.
  • Jeremy Rosado– I knew the INSTANT he started singing and the camera showed Jen’s face reflecting her heart breaking into a gazillion pieces that J. Lo was going to pick him. A decision based on emotion, I’d say.
  • Brielle Von Hugel – Brielle sang yet another Adele song. I thought she did a great job vocally, but poor Ryan was probably relieved that she wasn’t put through by the judges, given the way she practically assaulted him before beginning her performance.
  • DeAndre Brackensick –  He started out his song in a normal register and I actually really liked it (even though I kicked and screamed before admitting it). But then Jeremy was up to his old tricks and that darn falsetto took over. Ew. But of COURSE Steven Tyler picked him. Of COURSE he did. I knew we wouldn’t escape without him or Eben in the top 13. I’d rather have him than Eben, so okay.
  • Erika Van Pelt – Gotta give the girl props, singing Lady Gaga is not for the faint of heart and she did it justice. I hope she can avoid the wardrobe catastrophe that was the short purple taffeta dress in the future.
  • Reed Grimm – Wow. I wouldn’t say it was a vocal-focused performance, but he sure did show he can own the stage, eh? I’m pretty sure that the judges (especially RaJax) had Taylor Hicks flashbacks and that’s why poor Reed didn’t crack the top 13.

Were I a judge (and I kind of am a judger) I would not have picked any of these as wild cards. Mine would have been Hallie, Reed, and Creighton. But all-in-all, I’m pleased with how this all shook down. I’m sad about Creighton and Hallie, but I can’t say that I disagree based on their performances this week. Gosh, they had some amazing moments, though!! I’m really only disappointed about Jermaine and DeAndre being in the top 13.

How would you have changed the results if you had magical powers?

Haddock out!


2 thoughts on “Top 13: Drama Edition

  1. Renee says:

    I’m team girl-to-win this year. So yay ladies! I love Elise (minus the unfortunate hat), and Erika.

    But I won’t lie, I love Phillip Phillips, too.

    Team girls! And Phillip Phillips.

  2. AD says:

    I actually watched the show this week. Philip is a Dave Matthews CLONE. Not very original, in my opinion. Listen to Matthews’ Gravedigger and you will see what I mean. ( I has the same facial expressions, dance moves, etc. He’s talented though.

    Another thing I noticed is that Erika can’t hold a note. Every single line she ends abruptly, rather than holding the note longer. Am I the only one who noticed that? She could have trouble it she has to sing a ballad that’s not Lady Gaga.

    Is anyone surprised that J-Lo is trumpeting Jeremy?

    Jermaine is legit. I could listen to an entire album from him. Possibly the only person on the show that I can say that about.

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