OH, okay…wait. What?!?

Facebook really cracks me up.

I mean, I’m in the business of advertising and marketing so I get it. You want to target an audience of people, using Facebook where people spend a LOT of their time is a great opportunity! And, honestly, the ads on Facebook are not nearly as annoying as the ads on a lot of other sites. Usually they do advertise things that interest me. I’m a lot more likely to click on those ads than ads anyplace else…except maybe on Goodreads.

But today, I logged in to my account and found that since I “liked” The Blind Side‘s* Facebook page, I had a few recommended pages. They are:

1. Finding Nemo – the Disney/Pixar movie
2. Starburst – the candy

I’m sorry, Facebook. You totally lost me there. I mean, I did like Finding Nemo the first and only time I watched it and I can be persuaded to eat Starburst from the candy jar if there’s nothing chocolate and more colors than yellow left. But I have no idea whatsoever what this has to do with the movie The Blind Side. Is Sandra Bullock famous for eating Starburst? Did Tim McGraw do a voice for Finding Nemo? Even if those things were true, that doesn’t really mean anything to me. And if that makes me a callous consumer, then so be it!

Once I logged in to an ad for a dating website asking me if I’d like to date a Christian that likes Harry Potter. Um, is this a trick question? I’m not sure on the scale of every possible characteristic of date, Harry Potter would be on the top of my list. I mean, “good sense of humor” has to be above “loves Harry Potter”, right? This seems like a recipe for disaster.

Secondarily…what also cracks me up is people’s responses to the multiple revisions to Facebook’s site. Every time one happens, there’s a big uproar and people post statuses (statusi?) about how mad they are and how much they hate it…um, guys? If you don’t get the irony of that, I’m not sure how to help you.

Given all the wonderful ways in which Facebook has enriched my life, maybe I should give their suggestions a second chance. Let me think about that.


*If you haven’t seen the movie The Blind Side you must stop reading this blog and go out and rent it IMMEDIATELY. It’s awesome.


One thought on “OH, okay…wait. What?!?

  1. BLee says:

    Facebook should pay you for ur article. Now, I actually want to see the ads that they have for me (because -up till now- I’m not even sure I’ve noticed). I love me some starburst.

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