Thursday Hilariousness, Take 2

I like funny things. I especially like funny things that make me laugh out loud. To myself. Like a crazy person.

I recently discovered the site, When Parents Text. Oh. My. Gosh. Hours (okay, maybe not HOURS) later I emerged from that site thoroughly exhausted from laughing so much and immediately “liked” them on Facebook. As with most things, not every post is a winner, but here are a few of my favorites:


  • MOM: :
  • MOM: :
  • ME: I got it mom, you meant 🙂
  • MOM: Yes. I don’t have one of those!
  • ME: A parentheses? I promise you do.
  • MOM: :


  • MOM: Have you ever heard of dragonfly?
  • ME: what?
  • MOM: The drug, dragonfly
  • ME: No
  • MOM: Dr Oz says it’s a bad drug that kids are ordering online. They are being taken by college students.
  • ME: Well what is it?
  • MOM: A bad drug.


  • DAD:    tweet: Just had a McRib. Yummy. :end tweet
  • ME:    Dad… are you trying to use twitter?
  • DAD:    Yes.  Did I tweet properly?
  • ME:    Seriously?  No.  It’s a website, you have to sign up for it.
  • DAD:    Fine, I’ll start my own.  I’ll call them “hoots”.
  • ME:    You’ve gone off the deep end… but you could call the website “Hooter”.
  • DAD:    Oh great, now you probably want a cut of the profits.


  • MOM: What’s your email?
  • ME: First & last name
  • MOM: So…M-e-a-g-a-n…
  • ME: Mom, you named me!
  • MOM: I know, but you can never be to sure with these things.


  • DAD: Pfat
  • ME: You mean phat. How many times have we been over this!?
  • DAD: Phive?
  • ME: what???!
  • DAD: We’ve been over it phive times
  • ME: Oh dad, you are oh so clever


  • DAD: what was that new thing you did on my laptop? to copy words
  • ME: crtl+c? It’s not new.
  • DAD: well you never told me you knew. you always keep secrets from me


  • Mom: We have a farmer for u
  • Me: A farmer? for what?
  • Mom: To marry

You’re welcome. 🙂


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